Snacks for the cocktail reception
The 1st kind of snack is of course the canapés for the reception . They just connected like twins. Very convenient and very tasty - different types of pies .…

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The appetizer chips
With snacks always starts the meal and snacks you can judge how the future will be a feast. And so in order to "not fall" face in the dirt, we…

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Terrible food

Psychology in the plate

All things are not expedient, that in the mouth got, the saying goes. And that is true, especially if that “something” gets into your mouth by itself without your participation. But often happens anyway, when we absorb what in our culture is not accepted… Although, if in other places are eating something that we think is disgusting, do you need to overcome your squeamishness and try such culinary delights?

Among the exotic treats include, for example, wine from a lynx or a bear. Yes, it happens sometimes. Fans of something “unexpected” manage to partake of drinks from the most bizarre ingredients, often of animal origin. Compared with such delicacies tincture of the serpent seems childish lemonade.

By the way, about snakes. Psychologists have long told the world that the fear of snakes inspire the child to his parents, who themselves are afraid of these snakes. But in some cultures, the snake one is able to prepare a complete meal. And the soup, Meat and two… snake, say, in the prepared state are nearly impossible to distinguish from our usual white meat. And skin does turn into a kind of chips. Continue reading

Salads birthday

We all know that Birthday is the most happy and long-awaited day of the year. I want to make it more memorable. In addition to the various events, competitions, registration of premises to make a holiday memorable, thanks to the beautifully decorated table, rich with all sorts of dishes.

It may seem that in order to cover such a table, you need to have unimaginable culinary skills. In fact, you can just purchase a book on cooking. Because preparing holiday meals is an art, and to approach this process very carefully. You must first decide on the holiday menu.

No festive table is complete without a salad. To any meal salads are in high demand.

Light salads for a birthday excellent aperitif. It is with them and you can start the meal. Traditionally it is possible to make salads in the food or submit them on the table in the batch bowls or prepare the salad-cocktail, submitting it by the glass and arrange it. In this case, a gala Banquet will be rich and varied. Continue reading

The most beautiful dishes of the world

Any dish can be submitted particularly attractive, but some recipes can do without the frills — they are so good by themselves.

Chiles-EN-nogada. Mexico


Chili is one of three elephants Mexican food where all brilliant difficult. A few hours to stand in the kitchen for Mexican women fun. Watch the sauces bubbling away in clay pots, to stretch the dough and your fingers to break up on hand theremake nuts and cocoa beans — a balm for the soul. That is why in Mexico so few psychologists. The best therapy is a beauty. In the first place on the plate. Because the colors of the Mexican sauces more than the rainbow, and count their ingredients — not enough fingers on hands and feet.

But chiles EN nogada is something special. Hispanics have a unique ability to combine on one pan of salty and sweet. This dish is the best proof. Freed from seeds spicy green Chile stuffed with a filling made of chopped meat, apples, peaches, raisins, pears and spices. All this is sprinkled with goat cheese sauce and chopped nuts. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. This dish has conquered the strict members of UNESCO, which recognized Mexican cuisine heritage of humanity. What can we say about obychnykh. Continue reading