Dishes for kids - interesting ideas
How to decorate main dishes for children Content: We know that kids are not always willing to eat, and even if they are not, it is just boring to sit…

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Original snacks for the new year
New year celebration always requires a special approach. Every time you want to treat your guests to something tasty. All the meals should be varied and interesting, Christmas table turned…

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PLEASURE IN EATING is About food and not only

The ham shank and language at home


If you are looking for delicious recipes, you here, you made the right choice! It comprises a large collection, using my favorite recipes. This collection will be updated further as we always want to eat there and we love delicious. Since childhood, I’ve collected clippings from magazines and Newspapers, recorded the layout of the favourite dishes from his friends and colleagues. Now I had the desire many of them to cook.

Even when I didn’t have a cooking blog and I was looking for, what to cook, choosing step by step recipes because it was possible to see clearly the manual, and know which stage for what follows, and even a complex dish is not deterred by its obscurity. So that’s how I make out your article.

To find your dish, you just write down what you want to find in the search bar or look at the page where all the recipes. They are separated by category: salads, appetizers, desserts, soups, pastries, drinks, etc. Continue reading

Impressionable not to read! The most exotic dishes of the Land, terrifying! Delicious recipes

The habit they seem to be edible, some are toxic, smelly and may even cause death. I do not recommend reading impressionable, pregnant and dinner (eating and eating) citizens. This is the case when the language does not turn to wish Bon appetit!

1. Chukotka and Greenland: the harp seal, stuffed seagulls

Northern dish civic is among the festive dishes of the eskimo food. It is made by decay in the permafrost. The recipe can cause a gag reflex: in gutted and headless seals fit 400 untreated sea birds — guillemots, “dish” bacon is sealed and placed in the ground under the press for a period from three months to a year and a half. On holiday, usually at Christmas, rotten corpse seal get out of the pit, take out the last fermentation of poultry carcasses, pluck and eat them raw. They say that the taste of celiac similar to a very old and pungent cheese.

2. Sardinia: cheese with maggots

Cheese with cheese fly larvae — a signature dish on the Italian island of Sardinia. Continue reading

Unusual and exotic varieties of ice cream from all over the world

“Ice cream is a frozen, usually sweet dessert product. The delicacy, which is a ledoobraznuyu weight, is used more for entertainment than for food“. Such a definition of the word “ice cream” suggests Wikipedia. But we all know that our world is so beautiful, how rich its diversity. Because around us a lot of unusual things we had never seen and especially never tried.

So let’s move away from the stereotype of a “standard” ice cream and learn a bit about exotic. Few of us is how many different types of it exists, except, of course, known to everyone since childhood.

Fried ice cream is a popular dessert in Mexico. It looks amazing and its great taste is surprising no less. Prepared simply rolled balls of ice cream the size of an Apple and a good frozen, then consistently falling in the flour, egg and breadcrumbs, frozen again, and just before serving, quickly fried in vegetable oil deep fried.

Tomato ice cream

Few people know, but tomato ice cream before even produced in the USSR, you can now see it on the shelves in Japan, where it is quite common. Continue reading