Snacks for the cocktail reception
The 1st kind of snack is of course the canapés for the reception . They just connected like twins. Very convenient and very tasty - different types of pies .…

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Vegetable salads recipes
My favorite garden is already beginning to please family first greens and vegetables. Onion and garlic, dill and parsley, radishes and cucumbers first: all the garden now generously gives us.…

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Salads birthday

We all know that Birthday is the most happy and long-awaited day of the year. I want to make it more memorable. In addition to the various events, competitions, registration of premises to make a holiday memorable, thanks to the beautifully decorated table, rich with all sorts of dishes.

It may seem that in order to cover such a table, you need to have unimaginable culinary skills. In fact, you can just purchase a book on cooking. Because preparing holiday meals is an art, and to approach this process very carefully. You must first decide on the holiday menu.

No festive table is complete without a salad. To any meal salads are in high demand.

Light salads for a birthday excellent aperitif. It is with them and you can start the meal. Traditionally it is possible to make salads in the food or submit them on the table in the batch bowls or prepare the salad-cocktail, submitting it by the glass and arrange it. In this case, a gala Banquet will be rich and varied. Continue reading

Recipes for diet for every day: entrees, desserts

Recipes diet food there is a huge amount. Therefore your choice to stop only on those their kinds, which is closest to you, or when strict menu of such power systems.

It should be noted that low calorie dishes can be consumed not only during the diet. They are perfect for the daily meals, especially for those people who are watching their figure.

In addition, for lovers of sweets, there are recipes diet desserts. They have a pleasant taste, easy to prepare, but most importantly – contain minimum amount of calories.

The main principle of preparation of dietary food is a certain thermal treatment of the food. This may be used, these kinds of as boiling, stewing, and steaming or in the oven.

In many recipes for diets is the restriction of the list of ingredients. This may exclude products with a high content of carbohydrates, fats and starch.

In addition, it should be noted that almost all diet recipes need to eliminate the addition of salt or to limit their amount. It is also not recommended to use sugar substitutes and many types of spices. Continue reading

Salted salmon: a recipe of delicious fish, salads, snacks

Salmon called the Atlantic salmon or lake and belong to the valuable species of fish. On our tables, it often appears only on holidays, because is not cheap. And immediately attracts the attention of all the participants of the Banquet, accustomed to the more traditional liver pate and salad. How to make this sea delicacy is so delicious, not to disappoint the expectations of guests?

Problem # 1 — the correct choice of fish

Do not buy ready-made chunks of fish in packages. First, you don’t know, a fresh carcass there Packed. Secondly, the extent of its curing can differ significantly from your preferences. Often manufacturers, in order to extend the life of products use a lot of salt, which completely kills all the natural flavor of the product.

If you buy salmon for the holiday, so fresh. Ideally, if the fish is cleaned only partially: sold with head and tail. Looking into her eyes, you can immediately determine the degree of freshness of the carcass. If the look is cloudy, the fish is old, if transparent — you can take. Look also to the gills. Of the fish caught recently, they are bright red, and old specimens have a brown color cast. Continue reading