The most expensive dishes in the world
What you can never to try We all know that without food no one can live. And every day we all eat. One there are dishes that not everyone will…

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How delicious to cook SHARK
Delicious recipes from meat sharks Someone who will eat! Shark meat in the human diet The shark is one of the most dangerous predators on Earth. But in person she's…

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National cuisine of Malta

International catering is represented in Malta by such institutions as McDonalds, Subway and Burger King. And at McDonalds you can drink a beer, or something stronger.

Lunch at the snack bar for two will cost you together with drinks about 4 – 5 Lm. Bread, butter, sugar and cream for coffee free. Expensive is dinner at a cost of about 10 – 15 Lm.

Peculiarities of the national cuisine

Not only do the knights of Malta had its secrets, secrets kept and Maltese Housewives. The mere cooking of hot food, especially in rural areas, is a kind of ritual. It was the fact that due to the lack of firewood cooked food or burned in a furnace, for which the entire village was preparing, and sinking a local Baker, but every woman early in the morning brought down his pot of food. The smells and aromas of the neighbors could have guessed that someone for dinner. Continue reading

10 dishes economy: tasty, fast and useful

Delicious and healthy food can be not only expensive and served in restaurants. You can make something similar at home – you will get delicious and cheap. Recipes slightly adapted for our products, so experimentation is always welcome!

1. Potato pancakes or deruny. Everyone knows this dish. Cheap, quick and tasty. In order to prepare, you need potatoes, onion, flour, egg, salt and pepper. About 4 medium potatoes 1 egg, a couple of small bulbs, 3-4 tablespoons flour, pinch of salt and pepper. Quick recipe – potatoes RUB on a large grater, cut onion (who he loves, but you can absolutely do without), mix with the potatoes, add salt, pepper, egg, all well mixed and add flour. Optionally, you can add the dill.

Again all mix well, warm up a pan with oil and spread pancakes with a spoon, pressing slightly on top of, so that the pancake has not turned out very thick. Well deep fried until Golden brown on each side. You can serve it just with sour cream. You can also add fried mushrooms.

The proportions can vary depending on size of potatoes. They often prepare this dish when you want something tasty, but nothing special. Besides, these pancakes can each time to try to add different spices. Continue reading

Original snacks for the new year

New year celebration always requires a special approach. Every time you want to treat your guests to something tasty. All the meals should be varied and interesting, Christmas table turned out really memorable. To achieve this result easily, if the right to make the menu, including amazing appetizers.

Christmas appetizer with smoked salmon and cucumber

This appetizer is very simple to prepare. Meanwhile it helps make the holiday table more exquisite. First need to purchase the necessary products. These include cucumber, salmon, avocado, bell pepper, celery, dill, white bread, wasabi, rice vinegar, milk, sunflower oil, and salt and ground black pepper. Directly the process of cooking it is best to start with a light sauce. You have to whisk vinegar, wasabi, salt and pepper in a blender. Gradually, the mixture should be pour sunflower oil. When the sauce becomes thick, it is ready for further use. Next, you need to properly lay out all the ingredients. First on the plate is laid the bread, which is placed on top of the salmon. Continue reading