Christmas table : meat dishes
The horse against the bunnies, piglets and young plump chickens. She graciously refers to any meat dishes and highly recommends that you put on the Christmas table original roast. Do…

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The appetizer chips
With snacks always starts the meal and snacks you can judge how the future will be a feast. And so in order to "not fall" face in the dirt, we…

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History: an Unusual Chinese dishes

China is known worldwide for its odd tastes and unusual dishes that use a variety of creatures and completely inedible, at first glance, products. However, Chinese cuisine has become popular in many Western countries – in the USA has spread to so-called “woks” (Chinese noodles with vegetables and different sauces). But one thing noodles, and the other monkey brains, fried rat or wine from mice. Chinese tradition of use for food all living things can be explained, because it has long been one of the most populated countries in the world, and many people need more food. So many products that other Nations do not perceive the quality of food, the Chinese use without a doubt. This issue is particularly important today, when the population is constantly growing, and fertile land and places with favorable environmental conditions is very small.

Chinese scientists recently stated that it is foolish to disdain the cockroaches, because it is a good protein food – so soon the Chinese company for the production of food will supply the paste of these insects. They promise that the taste of this “delicacy” will remind taste the best shrimp. Continue reading

Recipes for diet for every day: entrees, desserts

Recipes diet food there is a huge amount. Therefore your choice to stop only on those their kinds, which is closest to you, or when strict menu of such power systems.

It should be noted that low calorie dishes can be consumed not only during the diet. They are perfect for the daily meals, especially for those people who are watching their figure.

In addition, for lovers of sweets, there are recipes diet desserts. They have a pleasant taste, easy to prepare, but most importantly – contain minimum amount of calories.

The main principle of preparation of dietary food is a certain thermal treatment of the food. This may be used, these kinds of as boiling, stewing, and steaming or in the oven.

In many recipes for diets is the restriction of the list of ingredients. This may exclude products with a high content of carbohydrates, fats and starch.

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Quick, tasty, no problems!

According to the teachings of Ayurveda ginger tea activates the human body in a hot “Yang” energy. No wonder he and many other sharp products, instantly warmed. Especially the way you have ginger tea in the winter time – the period of colds, colds and low immunity.

Useful properties of ginger are due to the fact that he was rich:

vitamins C, B1, B2 and A,

trace elements (sodium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, zinc),

amino acids (tryptophan, threonine, Leysin, methionine, phenylalanine, and valine).

Recipe of ginger tea can be different. In particular it differs depending on what purpose you use it for maintenance of forces, as a nice beverage or as a medicine.

But in any case, ginger tea improves digestion, as it promotes development of gastric juice, relieves pain in the abdomen, with inflammatory properties, improves metabolism. Ginger tea is good for blood circulation, respiratory system. It has expectorant, tonic, warming, anti-nausea action. Due to the fact that it makes the food more digestible and gives it an interesting flavour, there are so many recipes with ginger. Continue reading