Features travel to exotic countries - what is to be feared and how to prevent it
Of course, a clear definition of exotic countries there can be. After all, the exoticism of the country largely is determined individually, depending on where the traveler lives and where…

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How delicious to cook SHARK
Delicious recipes from meat sharks Someone who will eat! Shark meat in the human diet The shark is one of the most dangerous predators on Earth. But in person she's…

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The fastest and most delicious salads for any occasion

It’s no secret for every modern housewife that sometimes you really want to pamper themselves and their households a fast and original meal. and then you are guaranteed to remember the salad either, but your soul is looking for creative and tested recipes seem not so attractive. Or, each of the readers once in my life encountered such a problem, as guests who came unexpectedly, and you frantically think back about the products in your fridge, as well as to estimate how much time you have for your next culinary creation. We decided to alleviate these problems and to present some original, but very tasty recipes, the distinctive feature of which is that the ingredients for their preparation is in each fridge, and the process only takes a few minutes. So, let’s start.

Salad with ham and beans.

To prepare this simple but very tasty and nutritious salad we need:

200 grams cooked ham (if you don’t eat meat, can replace it with canned mushrooms);

– boiled eggs – 3 PCs;

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These are nice little Zakubanye, they are quick to prepare, taste good and look beautiful, especially on the holiday table.

the salted salmon (sliced)

cream cheese “Philadelphia” with the addition of greenery

fresh dill


food film


Method of preparation:

Eggs boil and chop the egg slicer slices. Continue reading

Original snacks for the new year

New year celebration always requires a special approach. Every time you want to treat your guests to something tasty. All the meals should be varied and interesting, Christmas table turned out really memorable. To achieve this result easily, if the right to make the menu, including amazing appetizers.

Christmas appetizer with smoked salmon and cucumber

This appetizer is very simple to prepare. Meanwhile it helps make the holiday table more exquisite. First need to purchase the necessary products. These include cucumber, salmon, avocado, bell pepper, celery, dill, white bread, wasabi, rice vinegar, milk, sunflower oil, and salt and ground black pepper. Directly the process of cooking it is best to start with a light sauce. You have to whisk vinegar, wasabi, salt and pepper in a blender. Gradually, the mixture should be pour sunflower oil. When the sauce becomes thick, it is ready for further use. Next, you need to properly lay out all the ingredients. First on the plate is laid the bread, which is placed on top of the salmon. Continue reading