Most disgusting dishes of the world
The interesting thing is that someone this food seems delicious, mouth-watering and incredibly delicious. However, we are more accustomed to other food, it all seems strange, nasty and inedible. We…

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Vegetable salads recipes
My favorite garden is already beginning to please family first greens and vegetables. Onion and garlic, dill and parsley, radishes and cucumbers first: all the garden now generously gives us.…

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Meat dishes: easy, fast, affordable, tasty

Meat dishes have many advantages: they are quickly prepared, have excellent taste and delicate texture, are inexpensive. And that meat loaf turned out delicious and saved the meat juices, it is very important to properly prepare the semi-finished product. Each chef has their secrets, how to improve meat dishes.

The advantages of dishes from minced meat are obvious. Beef – the product is available, it is easy to do when there grinder or buy in the shop, if there is no grinder. Particularly pleased that the finished minced meat is usually cheaper than meat because usually it is made from scraps. Home with the meat too it is possible to put the rejected pieces of meat that are not suitable for frying, baking or sautéing.

Meat dishes are usually prepared very quickly. Soup with meatballs cooks in just fifteen minutes, while for cooking other soups on meat broth will take several hours. Meat loaf don’t need to simmer for hours until tender – due to the loose structure they are always tender. Burgers, meatballs, casseroles and meat rolls easily pereselyaetsya and easily digested, so meat dishes are often recommended for children, weak and elderly people. Continue reading

How delicious to cook SHARK

Delicious recipes from meat sharks

Someone who will eat! Shark meat in the human diet

The shark is one of the most dangerous predators on Earth. But in person she’s found a worthy opponent – who will be serving a menu that is not even in doubt. And while hunting marine predators are rare, buy agustino today it is possible almost in any large supermarket.

The question is, how to cook shark, the dish was not just an exotic highlight of the meal, and it was really tasty and useful.

So, a real delicacy (and away any preconceptions!) Katran is meat, soup, Fox, mackerel, Mako and many other sharks. And as a well-known masterpiece of Oriental cuisine – shark fin soup? Try it, no one will have any doubt about the suitability of eating shark meat.

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The fastest and most delicious salads for any occasion

It’s no secret for every modern housewife that sometimes you really want to pamper themselves and their households a fast and original meal. and then you are guaranteed to remember the salad either, but your soul is looking for creative and tested recipes seem not so attractive. Or, each of the readers once in my life encountered such a problem, as guests who came unexpectedly, and you frantically think back about the products in your fridge, as well as to estimate how much time you have for your next culinary creation. We decided to alleviate these problems and to present some original, but very tasty recipes, the distinctive feature of which is that the ingredients for their preparation is in each fridge, and the process only takes a few minutes. So, let’s start.

Salad with ham and beans.

To prepare this simple but very tasty and nutritious salad we need:

200 grams cooked ham (if you don’t eat meat, can replace it with canned mushrooms);

– boiled eggs – 3 PCs;

– 100 grams of canned white beans; Continue reading