Snacks for the cocktail reception
The 1st kind of snack is of course the canapés for the reception . They just connected like twins. Very convenient and very tasty - different types of pies .…

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History: an Unusual Chinese dishes
China is known worldwide for its odd tastes and unusual dishes that use a variety of creatures and completely inedible, at first glance, products. However, Chinese cuisine has become popular…

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Recipes appetizers for parties

Recipes for appetizers on the buffet table

Great idea for a holiday home or informal communication in the office — to organize a reception.

Translated from French fourchette – fork. This Cutlery is used as the main buffet.

The buffet table is when:

gathered eat standing up;

choose the food;

most often, serve themselves;

the main purpose of the event is communication, and the secondary one is a snack;

maximum space for movement and discussion, for which all gathered;

the minimum space occupied by tables;

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Salad recipes: top 7 best

Recipe salad “Olivier”

carrot – 1 PC.,

onion – 1 PC,

eggs – 4 PCs.,

pickled cucumbers – 4 PCs.,

green peas – 1 Bank,

Apple (sour) – 1 PC.,



freshly ground pepper.

Good wash unpeeled potatoes and unpeeled carrots. Vegetables put in a saucepan and cover with water. Put on fire, bring to a boil and then continue to cook on low heat for another hour and a half until tender, but not over-cooked. Then remove and allow to cool. Continue reading

10 dishes economy: tasty, fast and useful

Delicious and healthy food can be not only expensive and served in restaurants. You can make something similar at home – you will get delicious and cheap. Recipes slightly adapted for our products, so experimentation is always welcome!

1. Potato pancakes or deruny. Everyone knows this dish. Cheap, quick and tasty. In order to prepare, you need potatoes, onion, flour, egg, salt and pepper. About 4 medium potatoes 1 egg, a couple of small bulbs, 3-4 tablespoons flour, pinch of salt and pepper. Quick recipe – potatoes RUB on a large grater, cut onion (who he loves, but you can absolutely do without), mix with the potatoes, add salt, pepper, egg, all well mixed and add flour. Optionally, you can add the dill.

Again all mix well, warm up a pan with oil and spread pancakes with a spoon, pressing slightly on top of, so that the pancake has not turned out very thick. Well deep fried until Golden brown on each side. You can serve it just with sour cream. You can also add fried mushrooms.

The proportions can vary depending on size of potatoes. They often prepare this dish when you want something tasty, but nothing special. Besides, these pancakes can each time to try to add different spices. Continue reading