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Salad recipes: top 7 best
Recipe salad "Olivier" carrot - 1 PC., onion - 1 PC, eggs - 4 PCs., pickled cucumbers - 4 PCs., green peas - 1 Bank, Apple (sour) - 1 PC.,…

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Most disgusting dishes of the world
The interesting thing is that someone this food seems delicious, mouth-watering and incredibly delicious. However, we are more accustomed to other food, it all seems strange, nasty and inedible. We…

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The appetizer chips

With snacks always starts the meal and snacks you can judge how the future will be a feast. And so in order to “not fall” face in the dirt, we offer hostesses to cook a delicious and unusual snack — the appetizer chips . This is a very delicious snacks in one bite, and to prepare them do not need a lot of time, sufficiently in advance to prepare all the ingredients, and then, before serving, put the toppings on the chips. Beautiful, fresh and most importantly delicious! We will discuss several variants of the chips with stuffing.

In order to prepare a spectacular snack on the chips you will need the following ingredients:

Appetizer of smoked salmon

smoked salmon — 120 grams

cream cheese — 100 grams,

fresh dill — 5 sprigs,

capers — 1 tablespoon. Continue reading

The most delicious food from insects

Skewers of larvae of the beetle Woodman (barbel)

-Beetles, we are increasingly called beetle Longhorn, is a large and shiny beetles, which can be found almost anywhere. And particularly in Southeast Asia, where they lay eggs in the roots of sago palms. The local residents are happy to collect a fat, juicy larvae, strung them on sticks and roasted over the fire — it turns out excellent barbecue. The taste of fried larvae resemble bacon.

Sometimes the same “bacon”, before you grill them, use for another purpose — while holding your fingers at the tip of the tail run into the ear, where he with pleasure eats earwax. Such “ear sticks”.

Casu marzu

Casu marzu is a cheese with the larvae of the cheese fly, a traditional delicacy and an aphrodisiac, which is widespread in Sardinia. Technically speaking, this is completely rancid cheese infested with worms floating in the liquid, which was formed from the acid released from digestive system of larvae and opened the cheese (is tear). Continue reading

Snacks for the cocktail reception

The 1st kind of snack is of course the canapés for the reception . They just connected like twins.

Very convenient and very tasty – different types of pies . It’s only one side will bring the Slavic originality of your celebration, and will add diversity. Pies can be done with a variety of fillings. As for my taste, the ideal is the pies of puff pastry in small sizes.

Mini-burgers . Great idea for the reception. This will be the fastest reception at home. Have biscuits in any supermarket, but the filling – choose any. Can:

fry mini patties

put in the middle of a ham and cheese

remove matusek bottom halves of the buns and stuff them

spread of exotic oil (peanut, herring, etc.)

Another idea for the hats from the rolls to put any filling (even with a chopped salad). Continue reading

Most disgusting dishes of the world

The interesting thing is that someone this food seems delicious, mouth-watering and incredibly delicious. However, we are more accustomed to other food, it all seems strange, nasty and inedible. We present a list of the most disgusting dishes of the world.

The first dish: copalum or rotten deer

Undoubtedly the absolute winner of the rating. Sometimes instead can eat seal, whale or walrus, and, necessarily, decomposed. These animals like to eat almost all the peoples of the North. And in Scandinavia like to eat the dead sharks. The recipe of such wonderful dishes little different in different Nations: the animal buried in the ground, and then, a few months later, dig. By this time the putrefactive bacteria have time to turn the fabric in a grey and slimy mass. Note that this dish is deadly for Europeans due to ptomaine.

Second dish: escamoles

Escamoles represents only the larvae of ants of the genus Liometopum, living on the roots of the agave. In Mexico they are considered a delicacy and are sometimes referred to as “the caviar of insects”. The dish has the consistency of cottage cheese. To taste it resembles oil with a light nutty flavor. Continue reading

The most delicious and creative sauces for different dishes.

Many Housewives know that the main secret restaurant meals is correctly cooked sauce that will not only make familiar dishes are more saturated and pleasing in design, but the aroma will give him absolutely stunning. So, if our readers will gain skills in the preparation of sauces for various dishes, every culinary experiment is destined for success. So, let’s not waste time and begin the compilation of our recipes.

“Tomato sauce – perfect for pasta, pizza and tomato soup”.

For the preparation of such a versatile sauce we’ll need:


– tomatoes – 1 kg;

– head of garlic (medium) – 1 piece;

– olive oil – 100 g;

– Basil – 50 g;

– salt, pepper to taste;

Please note that before you start to prepare this sauce you will need to find a ripe and very fresh tomatoes, without it, your sauce will not be as flavorful and delicious. Continue reading

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