Snacks for the cocktail reception
The 1st kind of snack is of course the canapés for the reception . They just connected like twins. Very convenient and very tasty - different types of pies .…

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"KISSES" APPETIZER OF SALMON These are nice little Zakubanye, they are quick to prepare, taste good and look beautiful, especially on the holiday table. the salted salmon (sliced) cream cheese…

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Most disgusting dishes of the world

The interesting thing is that someone this food seems delicious, mouth-watering and incredibly delicious. However, we are more accustomed to other food, it all seems strange, nasty and inedible. We present a list of the most disgusting dishes of the world.

The first dish: copalum or rotten deer

Undoubtedly the absolute winner of the rating. Sometimes instead can eat seal, whale or walrus, and, necessarily, decomposed. These animals like to eat almost all the peoples of the North. And in Scandinavia like to eat the dead sharks. The recipe of such wonderful dishes little different in different Nations: the animal buried in the ground, and then, a few months later, dig. By this time the putrefactive bacteria have time to turn the fabric in a grey and slimy mass. Note that this dish is deadly for Europeans due to ptomaine.

Second dish: escamoles

Escamoles represents only the larvae of ants of the genus Liometopum, living on the roots of the agave. In Mexico they are considered a delicacy and are sometimes referred to as “the caviar of insects”. The dish has the consistency of cottage cheese. To taste it resembles oil with a light nutty flavor.

Third dish: surstromming

Surstromming is a Swedish national product, which is a canned fermented herring.Due to the fact that the dish is not particularly pleasant smell, eat it outdoors. to prepare the delicacy, gutted herring with milk and caviar is placed in a VAT of brine to remove blood and fat. Then it is salted, placed in open dishes and leave to sour. Then the herring are placed in cans, where it continues to sour. Foodies from Sweden suggest that you open a jar of fish under water or on the street, so as not to splash the room with juice. This herring is served with boiled potatoes and chopped onions.

Dish four: hundred years egg

They are a “gourmet” dish of Chinese cuisine from chicken, duck or quail eggs that are soaked in a mixture of ash, clay, salt, rice straw and lime for a long time, from several weeks to several months. After the process is completed, the yolk becomes a dark green, cream with quite a strong smell of ammonia and sulfur, and the protein acquires a dark brown color with a barely noticeable taste and aroma.

Fifth dish: balut

And this is filipensky national fast food. They take a duck egg with an almost formed duck and cooked it. Then in shell do an opening through which drink prepared broth. Sometimes street vendors served him onion sauce and salt. Despite the fact that inside is the germ, the taste of balut resembles an ordinary egg.

Sixth dish: the soup of blood

In Vietnamese the dish is called ti?t canh. Make it from fresh blood of geese, ducks, pigs with the addition of herbs and nuts. Especially popular this soup in Northern Vietnam, where it is eaten together with alcoholic drinks. The soup has a strange texture and a metallic taste.

Seventh dish: natto

In Japan like to eat fermented soy beans called natto. To cook them in a VAT of Bacillus subtilis is added and a fermentation process starts. A day later the soy bean turns from solid to squishy thread-like mass, having a strong smell of ammonia. The taste of the dish salty and bitter.

Eighth dish: the harp seal, stuffed seagulls

The dish is one of the most exquisite delights subarctic peoples. Traditionally it is exposed on the Christmas table. Civic, or the carcass of a seal, stuffed seagulls, is prepared as follows: take the headless seal carcass with the unwashed belly is filled with plucked gulls. All this in seven months placed in permafrost. After this time, the meal you can eat. The taste is reminiscent of the sharp, sharp old cheese.

Ninth dish: eye tuna

This miracle of cooking can be found only in Japan. Eat eyes, covered with mucus and resembling glass, only if to swallow him.

The tenth dish: the “Three squeals rat”

This dish is very fond of Chinese know. To make it, need a live pregnant rat and soy sauce. Rat embryos served live on the plate. The first squeak they make in the moment when the Chinaman takes his chopsticks, then when dunks it in sauce and the third when it begins to chew on it. A dish inspired one of the great Chinese poet!.

Good appetite to all!