Salads birthday
We all know that Birthday is the most happy and long-awaited day of the year. I want to make it more memorable. In addition to the various events, competitions, registration…

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Terrible food
Psychology in the plate All things are not expedient, that in the mouth got, the saying goes. And that is true, especially if that "something" gets into your mouth by…

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Snacks for the cocktail reception

The 1st kind of snack is of course the canapés for the reception . They just connected like twins.

Very convenient and very tasty – different types of pies . It’s only one side will bring the Slavic originality of your celebration, and will add diversity. Pies can be done with a variety of fillings. As for my taste, the ideal is the pies of puff pastry in small sizes.

Mini-burgers . Great idea for the reception. This will be the fastest reception at home. Have biscuits in any supermarket, but the filling – choose any. Can:

fry mini patties

put in the middle of a ham and cheese

remove matusek bottom halves of the buns and stuff them

spread of exotic oil (peanut, herring, etc.)

Another idea for the hats from the rolls to put any filling (even with a chopped salad).

Sandwiches for buffets . This is the easiest, but the most easily executed method service receptions. Here important the multi. It can be achieved through a large assortment of meat, ham and cheese. And it is possible due to the different cuts and ways of playing. The photo on the right options:

Chernyhiv + herring oil + dill

bread + butter + ham

bread + butter + chopped smoked meat

bread and pasta made of cheese and mayonnaise

bread + butter + slices of red fish

bread + butter + mushroom caviar

bread + butter + avocado slices

bread + butter + grated cheese.

With butter it is possible to experiment a lot. You can add herring, shrimp, mixed greens, garlic, salmon … All of this of course is added to frayed. And you have the original oil to taste, at the most basic sandwiches.

You can certainly try and prepare original appetizers for the reception. For example – sandwich “ladybug”. Simple: bread + tomatoes + olives + the subtle knife and the craftsmanship. Rash on the backs are made from a very small piece of the same olives.

Recipes for the buffet table with the pita bread . It’s just a universal product. If you haven’t rated all the features of Armenian lavash – rush. Absolutely all versions the beginning can be wrapped in pita bread and cut into small pieces. I can fantasize endlessly. I cooked a few of those.

You can use pita bread and yeast. It is cut into pieces and made from “pillow” under various toppings. New year’s appetizer of pita bread yeast.

pita bread cut into small triangles

smeared with mayonnaise or cheese pasta

lined with pieces of leaves of cabbage

lined with slices of tomato

in the wide part inserted sticks of straw (edible)

Stuffed eggs and stuffed tomatoes . It’s a classic of the genre, but always a favorite and always eaten. In the summer of course I want more freshness and tomatoes stuffed with a bomb of your holiday.

Very tasty snack for the buffet table are obtained from fresh peppers . Bulgarian classic toppings: cheese, sour cream, garlic and herbs. But you can dream up. Shrimp paste or boiled rice with herbs, ham and mayonnaise are just gorgeous.

Special attention! boiled rice will increase the amount of ANY toppings and make it soft and supple.

It is impossible to make the menu for the buffet and not to include the cutting of fresh vegetables. It’s simple:

without fresh vegetables can not do especially if there is hot meat

the amount depends on the preferences of your guests

vegetables should be varied (someone doesn’t like peppers)

it is important to make beautiful cocktail table.

Found some creative idea for vegetable. Mixed vegetables.

Vegetables laid out in the form of a Christmas tree and served on a separate plate along with the sauce. Of course before serving the cabbage should be lowered to 1 minute in boiling water.

But traditional fresh vegetables for the table submitted in the form of a colorful rooster. What is:


sweet red pepper

sweet yellow pepper



olives (for eyes)

Corn on the grill . It will be a savory highlight of your holiday. It is good not to put on the table at once, and to submit at the buffet. It will be pleasantly surprised. With hot sauce and salt, she’ll just fly away from your table.

For grilling it is better to choose the smallest and young. If you have a reception at home – cook the corn in foil in the oven. This is by the way very chic an idea for a youth party. Children today are popcorn lovers.

Kebabs on the buffet . To alternate on the sticks for skewers can all be combined to taste the products. First and foremost is of course:

cherry tomatoes

mozzarella cheese.

Financial mozzarella – expensive product. But these same little balls can be replaced with diced of cheese or other white cheese. Although it is certainly possible and ordinary hard cheese to use.

And at the end of another great idea for a buffet: a La carte small plates. Takei mini-cups are sold in the departments for dishes like receptacle under the sauce. But if approached creatively – this will be a great way to entertain guests any meal that requires (for example) a specific sauce.

At the bottom are placed lettuce, then slices of meat (or sausage) and the sauce on top.