Quick snacks on the holiday table
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Exotic dishes recipes
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The most delicious food from insects

Skewers of larvae of the beetle Woodman (barbel)

-Beetles, we are increasingly called beetle Longhorn, is a large and shiny beetles, which can be found almost anywhere. And particularly in Southeast Asia, where they lay eggs in the roots of sago palms. The local residents are happy to collect a fat, juicy larvae, strung them on sticks and roasted over the fire — it turns out excellent barbecue. The taste of fried larvae resemble bacon.

Sometimes the same “bacon”, before you grill them, use for another purpose — while holding your fingers at the tip of the tail run into the ear, where he with pleasure eats earwax. Such “ear sticks”.

Casu marzu

Casu marzu is a cheese with the larvae of the cheese fly, a traditional delicacy and an aphrodisiac, which is widespread in Sardinia. Technically speaking, this is completely rancid cheese infested with worms floating in the liquid, which was formed from the acid released from digestive system of larvae and opened the cheese (is tear). Cheese safe to eat only as long as the larva is alive, and this should be done very carefully — the larvae are very agile and surprise bounce to a height of about 15 centimeters. So eat Casu marzu often with sunglasses or simply closing the treat in hand. It is significant that due to its potential danger to zdorovitsa long marzu was banned and sold exclusively on the black market for insane prices, but in 2010 he was recognized as the cultural heritage of Sardinia and was allowed to sell.

Boiled and baked wasps

Although bees and wasps are found in many countries around the world, eat them almost exclusively in Japan and only in some areas. After the war OS ate more, now less, respectively, and their cost is much higher. There is a whole galaxy of dishes from these insects. For example, Hatanaka is boiled with soy sauce and sugar bee larvae are served with rice; Tokyo “taverns” sometimes beer is served fried black OS; but the village of Ōmachi is famous for its crispy rice crackers with ground wasps — 5-15 insects on each cookie. Looking to prepare bees and wasps on their own, can find in Japanese supermarkets banks with pickled bees. But the preservative it is, nevertheless, not that — not that sweet crunch.

Fried ants

The most popular among gourmets insect grasshoppers, and the ants take second place. They are actively eating in Mexico, Colombia, Australia and South Africa. Ways to cook a lot of ants, for example, a simple recipe is to wait for the torrential rain that will flood the anthill and ants collect females with eggs. Wrapped in leaves and a bit of fry and warm, enjoying a distinct sweet nutty taste and a noticeable crunch on the teeth. Simple ants you can just fry them and chew for a good Hollywood Thriller instead of popcorn (which is what, in Colombia). But sweet Australian ants with bags full of flower nectar, it is better to eat raw, rolling tongue in your mouth still the flutter of the “honey barrels”.

Water bugs deep fried

Water bugs are nasty insects that are found worldwide and are very painful bite. But you know what? You can bite them back! So arrive, for example, in Thailand, the Philippines and Vietnam, fortunately they are especially large — up to 12 centimetres in length — individuals. Asians don’t bother with recipes — biting insects are fried in deep fat and eaten with cream sauce. Wings and legs can be broken off, and you can eat and so little Doha chitin never hurt anyone, and pleasant crunch in your mouth more. In Vietnam from large masses of bugs make the hood, which is the smell… scent — one drop per Cup of sauce or a bowl of soup enough to give it a peculiar smell.

Tarantulas on the coals

Oh, and in Cambodia “belyashi” do tarantulas are the most popular “street” food in this country. Moreover, the sellers themselves and catch insects, then fried in a wok with garlic and a generous helping of salt. Particularly large individuals just completely fry it on the coals. If you tried it, says that tastes like a mixture of fish and chicken. Just foot forever stuck between the teeth (this is probably why the Japanese are fastidiously prepared tarantula, off their feet).

Bedbugs with chicken liver pate

Herbal bugs — the ones on which the progressive mankind strives usually to get rid of, the perfect go to food in many countries of the world. Bugs do not just smell, but stink, so in South Africa, for example, a long soak in warm water, and then dried in the generous sun and chew on the seeds. In Mexico, same bugs, on the contrary, I love the spicy smell, but because they are made from the sauces or pozhuriv over high heat, mixed with chicken liver pate.

Grasshoppers in all their manifestations

The list would not be complete without the most popular gourmet insect — grasshoppers, which ate even John the Baptist. Most grasshoppers like in Mexico where they eat them raw, cooked, dried, fried, soaked in different liquids, etc. Grasshoppers — the safest dish for the beginner who wants to sample “some insects”, as they have no pronounced taste and usually they taste what they eat. So if you want to know where to start — start with grasshoppers. The benefit in Latvia the lack of them is not felt.