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The appetizer chips

With snacks always starts the meal and snacks you can judge how the future will be a feast. And so in order to “not fall” face in the dirt, we offer hostesses to cook a delicious and unusual snack — the appetizer chips . This is a very delicious snacks in one bite, and to prepare them do not need a lot of time, sufficiently in advance to prepare all the ingredients, and then, before serving, put the toppings on the chips. Beautiful, fresh and most importantly delicious! We will discuss several variants of the chips with stuffing.

In order to prepare a spectacular snack on the chips you will need the following ingredients:

Appetizer of smoked salmon

smoked salmon — 120 grams

cream cheese — 100 grams,

fresh dill — 5 sprigs,

capers — 1 tablespoon.

First you need to cut fillet of smoked salmon very finely. Cream cheese mixed with finely chopped dill washed and then add the salmon and mix everything together. Received the filling arrange the chips and put the capers. Decorate with fresh greens.

cheese (any) — 100 grams

fresh tomato — 1 piece,

green olives or black olives (pitted) — 10 pieces,

fresh greens,


Cheese need to RUB on a small grater.Wash greens and chop finely. Tomatoes need to wash it, then chop very finely, first delete all the seeds. Then stir all the ingredients tucking the filling with mayonnaise. Spread the filling on the chips and put one olive tree or olive.

crab sticks — 5 — 6 pieces,

cheese (any) — 100 grams

mayonnaise — 50 grams,

fresh greens,

red caviar (you can use protein).

Cheese need to RUB on a small grater. Crab sticks you need to pre-freeze, and then grate on a medium grater. Mix the cheese mass with crab, dressed with mayonnaise and mix. Mass spread the chips on top and decorate with red caviar and greens.

Let your Christmas table is beautiful! Bon appétit!