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Quick salad – guests at the door

Quick salad “guests at the threshold”

I think many will agree with the fact that the saying about the uninvited or unexpected guest relevant at all times. First and foremost, the fact that you just are not prepared to adequately accept it. In particular, it is impossible to keep in the fridge for salads or other respective specialities.

In order to please dear and welcome, but unexpected guests, we often have to show the wonders of ingenuity culinary, cooking interesting dishes from the ordinary ingredients, just caught in the moment at hand. And of course, the main problem in such cases is lack of time. That’s why recipes quick salads are popular.

Simple and quick salad guests at the door so named for its fine quality. It is quick and easy to prepare, requires no special ingredients, and most importantly, implies complete freedom in terms of culinary creativity.

Perhaps this recipe should be viewed even more broadly — as a set of guidelines and starting point in the rapid preparation of delicious dishes from readily available products. Indeed, thanks to the free replacement of ingredients, the number of options for cooking with this salad could compete,perhaps, only the salad of crab sticks .

Now let’s see what products can I use to prepare this wonderful salad.

Ingredients for salad

Products listed hereinafter, will be enough to cook a few good servings of salad. The number of products is a recommendation. The basis is the potatoes and rest of ingredients you can to some extent to experiment. That and what you can replace I wrote on.

So, the recipe includes:

200 grams of potatoes

200 grams of cucumber

200 grams of cheese

200 grams of mayonnaise

150 grams of onions (or green onions)

50 g greens of dill or parsley (or both)

3 eggs

Ground black pepper


As I said, you can hard enough to change the recipe of the salad depending on your preferences and availability of products for cooking, this dish, in fact, will remain the same. In particular, you can use both fresh and pickled cucumbers, and can generally replace them with another ingredient (such as canned eggplant or even sauerkraut).

Cheese can take an ordinary, and can be smoked (the salad will get somewhat more acute). If you want you can even use cream cheese. Green onions can easily be replaced, onions onions (enough to be two or three medium-sized onions) and mayonnaise — estimated or vegetable oil.

Also in the composition of the salad, you can type green peas.

Cooking salad

Since this is a quick salad, I’m going to cook it and often you will be under time pressure. So, it makes sense to immediately start to cook potatoes and eggs and immediately begin processing other ingredients.

Boil the potatoes in their skins. When boiling water is preferably salt them a bit. Eggs can be put to cook right along with the potatoes (in a saucepan). Just remember that eggs should be put into cold water, while potatoes can be put in boiling.

Until cooked potatoes and eggs, it’s time to slice cucumbers, onion and greens . Cucumbers can be cut into cubes, slices or shreds (I personally prefer sticks). If you use green onions, just grind, if you choose onions, cut into half rings, and then obvalivat boiling water. Dill and parsley (if it exists) shinkuem, but not too finely, as it is intended mainly for decoration of dishes. In principle, dill and parsley can simply be divided into small sprigs, removing hard stems.

Also need to remember to grate cheese on a coarse grater. In principle, it can be cut into thin strips (it is even more interesting it turns out). And if you have smoked cheese, which is often difficult to grate, cut it into small cubes.

You have to wait when products in the pan will be ready (the willingness of potatoes can be determined, pierced it with a knife or fork), remove them from heat and put to cool under cold running water. You then need to peel and chop the eggs and potatoes in small pieces. The best potatoes to cut cubes, and the eggs — as it will.

Now we simply combine all the ingredients . add pepper, salt and some herbs (if any), season the salad with mayonnaise or vegetable oil, stir and put on a plate or in salad bowl. From top to decorate the remaining dill or parsley.

In General, all. The salad is ready, serve the guests at the table.