"KISSES" APPETIZER OF SALMON These are nice little Zakubanye, they are quick to prepare, taste good and look beautiful, especially on the holiday table. the salted salmon (sliced) cream cheese…

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9 delicious salads every day
We have gathered for you the top 9 recipes of salads with exquisite taste and ease of preparation. Selection: Salad with croutons. Salad with smoked cheese. Crispy salad with pineapple…

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The fastest and most delicious salads for any occasion

It’s no secret for every modern housewife that sometimes you really want to pamper themselves and their households a fast and original meal. and then you are guaranteed to remember the salad either, but your soul is looking for creative and tested recipes seem not so attractive. Or, each of the readers once in my life encountered such a problem, as guests who came unexpectedly, and you frantically think back about the products in your fridge, as well as to estimate how much time you have for your next culinary creation. We decided to alleviate these problems and to present some original, but very tasty recipes, the distinctive feature of which is that the ingredients for their preparation is in each fridge, and the process only takes a few minutes. So, let’s start.

Salad with ham and beans.

To prepare this simple but very tasty and nutritious salad we need:

200 grams cooked ham (if you don’t eat meat, can replace it with canned mushrooms);

– boiled eggs – 3 PCs;

– 100 grams of canned white beans;

– mayonnaise;

– dill;

– salt to taste;

To make the salad as we gavriliada simple, first chop the ham and eggs into small cubes, then strain the beans from the liquid and add it to other ingredients. The salad is ready, fill it with mayonnaise, add spices and mix thoroughly.

Vegetable salad with mushrooms.

To please your friends and family this hearty and colorful salad we need:

– onion – 1 PC;

– carrots – 2 PCs;

– vegetable oil (for frying);

– red beans – 1 Bank;

– mayonnaise – to taste;

– salt and pepper;

Preparing this simple salad very quickly. To begin with, cut the onion and carrot into small cubes and fry them in vegetable oil until Golden brown. Take a deep plate, put it in a pre-strained beans and mushrooms and combine these ingredients with the browned vegetables. A good salad sprinkle with salt, pepper and dressed with mayonnaise, a few minutes and it’s ready to serve.

Salad with salmon and cream cheese.

This unusual and very delicious salad can also be prepared in just a few minutes, and your guests will be delighted by this culinary masterpiece. To prepare this salad we will need:

– Bank of canned pink salmon;

– a pack of processed cheese;

– 1 onion;

– boiled eggs – 1 piece;

– mayonnaise;

– salt, pepper;

The cooking process is that to begin with, we finely chop the onion. When the onion is sliced, go to the fact that pink salmon mash until smooth using a conventional fork, and the eggs and cheese grate on a fine grater. When all the components of the salad are ready, we put them together in a salad bowl, add the listed spices and season the salad with mayonnaise.

Mackerel salad and apples.

Undoubtedly, at first glance, this flavor combination seems a bit wild, but once you try this salad, and your doubts will evaporate, so tender and tasty it turns out. So, we need:

– 200 grams of mackerel;

– boiled eggs – 2 PCs;

– Green peas – 1 Bank;

– sour apples – 2 pieces;

– greens;

– mayonnaise;

To prepare this creative salad is very simple, and with its preparation to handle even the budding mistress. We just need to skip the mackerel fillets through a meat grinder, apples and eggs cut into small cubes, and chop the greens. All the ingredients are ready, it remains only to connect them in a salad bowl, add green peas and season salad with mayonnaise.

Green salad.

To prepare this vitamin and very tasty salad we need:

– greens – the more the better;

– lettuce;

green bell pepper – 2 PCs;

medium onions – 2 PCs;

– boiled quail eggs – 4 pieces;

green olives – 75 g;

For the filling:

– sweet soy sauce – 2 tbsp. l;

– balsamic vinegar – 2 tbsp;

– olive oil – 3 tbsp;

Preparing this salad is incredibly easy and fast, you will need to grind all the above ingredients, place them in a salad bowl and season the cooked dressing. The salad will acquire some shade East and could challenge for the role of holiday meals.

Instant dessert salad.

The arrival of guests, even unexpected celebration for any hostess, and on a holiday it is customary to serve the dessert, in order not to break the tradition we bring to your attention the recipe of instant salad that is not only delicious, but also rich in different vitamins and very suitable for ladies who are watching their figure. We need:

– kiwi – 1 piece;

– orange – 1 piece;

– banana – 1 piece;

– grapefruit – 1 piece;

– canned pineapple pieces – 0,5 banks;

– lemon – 1 PC;

Please note that when preparing this salad, you must adhere to one rule: don’t cut the ingredients into very small pieces, otherwise you will lose a lot of juice and beneficial vitamins. You would only need to cut the ingredients into roughly equal cubes and season the salad with lemon juice. If the salad turned out to be sour, add the juice from canned pineapples.