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Dietary onion salads: recipes for every day!

It turns out that a salad with onions helps to solve several problems at once. This salad not only improves digestion, but also helps to get rid of extra pounds, as onions for weight loss effectively cope with the fat.

That bow has a number of useful properties, it became known about for a long time. Added to different dishes, prepared infusions and decoctions for the treatment of many diseases, mainly infectious and respiratory.

In the quest for the ideal figure every woman chooses a certain way of losing weight. Some prefer dieting, others active exercise, and others — medicines and teas for burning fat. Each of these methods are effective in their own way and brings some results.

However, research and numerous experiments have shown that the conventional bow, which we used to use for cooking, is able to fight fat and solve the problem of being overweight. Might not sound very convincing, but the fact remains. Onion diet product, which has a number of properties that are useful and necessary for any person.

Despite the fact that this product is one, very outmyself (we are talking about the smell). many nutritionists recommend to use it in different forms, to some extent, solve the problem of excess weight. This problem has been and remains relevant at all times, what made nutritionists all over the world to come together and carry out numerous experiments in the field of fight against excess weight. The result of experiments was a stunning conclusion — the usual bow capable of solving the problem of overweight.

To achieve positive results and to shed a few kilos, experts recommend to consume a salad with onions. Moreover, there are several recipes of cooking that don’t require a lot of time and products. But before that, it would be useful to consult the beneficial properties of onion, its effects on the body as a whole. So, what is the benefit of onion?

The fact that in its composition contains a large amount of volatile substances such as volatile, a property which is the destruction of putrefactive and pathogenic bacteria. Therefore, during infectious diseases of the throat and respiratory tract it is recommended to make infusions and decoctions of onions who are coping with the reason that caused the formation of inflammatory processes. In addition, onion is widely used to prevent runny nose or prevent symptoms of influenza, and as an antipyretic.

Leek in its natural form is also used to solve the problem of thin and weak hair. Paste of fresh onion is rubbed into the hair roots to nourish the follicles, strengthen hair and stimulate their growth. Maybe that’s why our grandmothers had thick and healthy hair, as one of the folk remedies for hair care was mush and archery.

All the beneficial properties you can add that onion helps to prevent atherosclerosis, used to increase potency, purifies the blood and lymph, improves the digestion process and the exchange process in General, eliminates headaches, kills pathogenic microbes of the oral cavity, removes from the body excess fluid, and cleanse the skin from various spots. As can be seen from the description, this product is used for the treatment and prevention of many diseases, inherent in any person, regardless of age and location. Therefore, it is always useful and advisable to keep in the house this wonderful root vegetable to cook from it not only decoctions and infusions, but also easy diet salads. Below are the recipes of some of them.

Diet salad with onions and tomatoes

To prepare diet salad with leek, it is necessary to prepare 300 grams of fresh sweet tomatoes (preferably cherry tomatoes). the same amount of fresh cucumber and a small bunch of green onions. If desired, you can substitute leek for the onion, it will be enough 100 grams. Wash the tomatoes and cut into small slices, similar actions to do with cucumbers. Onions also finely chop and mix with salt. Knead until then, until it becomes soft and will not excrete salt. Add in a small amount of olive oil cold pressed, stir and pour the sauce on tomatoes with cucumbers. That’s all, diet salad is ready.

Diet salad with onions and potatoes

Salads with leek, recipes are quite simple and easy to prepare, are considered diet and help those who are committed to losing weight and getting rid of fat folds. Another recipe is with onions and potatoes. For its preparation you will need 400 grams of potatoes, 100 grams onion, 30-40 grams of celery, 200 grams of red pepper, a few tablespoons of olive oil, a couple of spoons of vinegar, a little salt and pepper.

First clean the potatoes, cut into small squares and boil in salted water. Pepper wash and cut into slices, similarly to do with celery. Pepper and celery slightly cooked in water so that they were almost fresh. All the boiled vegetables cool, mix, add salt, pepper, olive oil and vinegar. Stir, sprinkle with finely chopped parsley. Here, perhaps, and all. Diet salad is prepared in minutes and is quite tasty.

All salads containing fresh onions, is delicious and nutritious, they are rich in vitamins and help fight fat deposits. Will not deliver no difficulty to prepare them every day, not only for themselves but also for the whole family. The only drawback of these salads is the smell that remains after eating onions. However, there are many ways how to eliminate this smell, for example, if a salad after eating a slice of lemon or chew a couple of sprigs of fresh parsley.

As you can see from the article, the onion weight loss very useful for health and helps eliminate and breakdown of fat. If there are no contraindications to the onion, then it can be added to salads, giving them a special taste.