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Easy to prepare salads
Every home owner will certainly find a notebook, which contains the best recipes of salads . Let me recommend several interesting options . Basically, today presents easy to prepare salads.…

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Snacks for the festive table: quick and tasty

Snacks is spicy, salty and other dishes, which usually begins every meal. Snacks are always served before the main course and to alcohol. With their help you can satisfy your hunger in between meals.

What snacks

The main objective of eateries meals is a stimulation of the appetite, the hunger, the mitigation of the alcohol and slow down intoxication. Any beautifully designed appetizer advantageous to add a festive table and make it delicious and beautiful.

The concept of “snacks” appeared after the full formation of the kitchens. By the time the snack range was already quite varied and stable. In Europe snacks has established itself in the eighteenth century. Sweden, for example, introduced the world to his individual concept eateries dishes – “smorgasbord” (literally translates to “sandwich table”). In their understanding, the snack should consist of bread and any product that will be combined perfectly with the bread. The main addition to the sandwich, in addition to butter, was considered all that can be put or spread on a piece of bread.

Snacks in Russia began to form based on a peasant tradition. Before work, early in the morning we had something to eat. This is something prepared in advance in the evening to snack on the go. Now Russian a smorgasbord of diversity and richness.

What are snacks

Snacks are hot and cold. They can be prepared from vegetables, fruits, fish, meat and even mushrooms. In Russian cuisine is widely popular got canned snacks. This is different marinades, pickles, sauerkraut, pickled mushrooms, a variety of vegetable and fish ROE. Meat, fish, cheese and cold cuts is already quite independent snack dish.

Tartlets and canapés are miniature sandwiches with edible base or strung on wooden skewers. Their main charm is that they are placed in the mouth completely. Often can be seen at receptions and buffets.

All cuisines have their own versions of snacks and is able to tempt any guest.

Holiday bagels

Festive feast is impossible to imagine without cold appetizers and salads. Of course, you can offer a set menu: salad Olivier. stuffed tomatoes and pickles. But agree that monotony is boring. You always want to taste something new and delicious. Therefore, especially for inquisitive hostesses offer original recipes of snacks. You don’t have to spend a lot of time to prepare.

Required products:

drying – 0.5 kg

stuffing (any) – 0.5 kg

milk – 0,5 l

hard cheese – 200 g

salt, pepper to taste

Method of preparation:

Drying soak in milk for half an hour. Then place them on a baking sheet already softened. In the middle of each drying put a little minced meat, previously salted and peppered. Top design sprinkle grated cheese and put in the oven for 25-30 minutes. That’s all, the food is ready! Bon appetit!

Tarts with pomegranate seeds and tuna

Necessary ingredients:

the finished tartlets – 1 pack

canned tuna – 1 Bank

butter or mayonnaise – 2 tablespoons

pickled gherkins – 100 g

hard cheese – 200 g

pomegranate seeds

salt, pepper to taste


Finely chop the gherkins. Pour the liquid from the canned fish and tuna mash with a fork. Mix tuna, pickles, cheese and sauce. Fill the tartlets with this mixture and decorate the top with pomegranate seeds.

Try to prepare a snack of fish and pita recipe :

Serve snacks

Snacks put on the table in advance. But do not forget that some must be cold, so set them about an hour before guests arrive.

Hot appetizers usually served in fireproof dishes, they are usually personal. Put them on trays and napkins to avoid sliding and the rapid cooling.

If you are served different types of snacks, we primarily offer fish, then meat, poultry and vegetable. After the filing of the meat and fish snacks, it is necessary to change the plates on the net. Each appetizer dish has a separate Cutlery for pickup. With the exception of natural fruits and vegetables that is usually served whole.

For the unfolding of the dishes on the plates using special devices or tablespoons. The spoon should be put in a common dish with the recess down and the fork tines down.

The handle of the instrument must retreat from the sides of the dishes. After the guest put the snack on a plate, he must return the unit in the same position.

The range of snacks is quite varied. But they can’t replace the main power. A smorgasbord offers you not eat, and enjoy. Not be satisfied, and to awaken the appetite.

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