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Vegetable salads recipes

My favorite garden is already beginning to please family first greens and vegetables.

Onion and garlic, dill and parsley, radishes and cucumbers first: all the garden now generously gives us. Try to keep it to grow, because I and the guys really love vegetable salad.

It is therefore natural that in my Arsenal in the kitchen are brand basic hodgepodge. What is it? This recipe vegetable team, which can be used as an excellent basis for further fantasy in the kitchen, and accordingly, it is an opportunity to diversify the menu.

Vegetable salads. Recipes

For many summer, light salads I always planted cherry tomatoes in different colors. Well, if you keep up a regular tomato, it’s not terrible. Little tomato I cut in half and large tomatoes will be cut into more parts. The main condition underlying hash are tomatoes of different colors (brown, yellow, red): that’s when you get splashed with paints, summer salad. Very well these salads go to the kebab or the chicken with a secret. which is cooked in the oven.

Basic vegetable salad

This set of products will become indispensable and you will definitely love to experiment in the kitchen, I guarantee you exactly. But adding some components to it to monopropionate recipe of a vegetable salad a completely different taste. To be used for filling summer veggie meats I would recommend vegetable oils: olive, linseed, sunflower or other oils that are on your kitchen popular.

Products for cooking

Cherry tomatoes of different colours — 500 grams.

Olive oil 8 tbsp.

Vinegar red or white wine — 2 tbsp (I use balsamic vinegar).

Dry oregano — 1 tbsp

Hot pepper — a small piece (if you don’t like spicy, you can substitute sweet peppers).

Garlic 1-2 cloves.


Tomatoes cut into two pieces (cut into large slices) and salt them well once. In a salad bowl, there must be a lot of juice from tomatoes. After that, the tomatoes sent dried oregano.

The next step is dressing the salad. This amount of tomatoes in the bowl I mixed 4 tbsp olive oil and 1 tbsp balsamic vinegar. After stirring well, season the tomatoes with oregano.

Excellent bright touch to recipes vegetable salads fits the chili pepper. I will mention only one caveat: before use, the peppers should be separated from the seeds, they give the greatest bitterness. Cut it very small pieces.

The last chord will be grated on a fine grater garlic, crush it on the frog I don’t like — it looks not beautiful. And here’s the grater for the carrots will be just right. My friend the recipe for this vegetable medley, and changed, replacing the garlic onions (my daughter did not eat garlic). But still everything turns out very tasty.

Vegetable salads: recipes for every taste

Tomatoes with mozzarella

Mozzarella cheese is included in many Italian recipes. I use it mostly for cooking summer vegetable salad. Of course, this cheese can be used in different ways: for sandwiches, for salads, sliced for hot sandwiches, pizza, Italian soups and in many other cases.

Buy mozzarella balls, weighing 150 grams. To 200 g of tomatoes use 3 scoops and 5-6 Basil leaves. Filling in these vegetable salads and in other recipes summer salads I have one and vegetable oil.

Italian pasta with tomatoes

Pasta is too Russian — pasta. For this dish I would recommend you to buy pasta, not Russians pasta In my locker always got a couple packs of amazing Italian pasta company “De cecco”. I buy them in the online store. If you this is not possible, try to buy pasta from durum wheat, it will be the best option.

Boil pasta (200 g) according to the instructions on the package, throws in a colander and, without rinsing, let it dry out a bit there. While the pasta comes to the desired condition, will be cooking our tomatoes, using the basic recipe of a vegetable salad.

In a large bowl mix the pasta and the prepared tomatoes with the filling. Give this beauty to stand for a few minutes. The paste should be fed juice and tomato dressing. That’s when our salad is ready. Decorate it with Basil leaves.

Chicken with vegetables

Cooking is almost similar to the preparation of our basic hash. Thereto is added and boiled chicken. Such recipes are very well combined rucola, dill and Basil.

I hope that you will find useful my basic recipe of a vegetable salad. Bon appetit, dear friends, and a great summer mood!