INTERESTING DISHES - Recipes of cooking
New year's eve is imbued with magic, and preparing for the holiday gives us a pleasant hassle. It is said that when decorate the Christmas tree, our desires are fulfilled.…

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10 dishes economy: tasty, fast and useful
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Dishes for kids – interesting ideas

How to decorate main dishes for children


We know that kids are not always willing to eat, and even if they are not, it is just boring to sit in front of a bowl of cereal. Beautifully decorated main dishes for children can be a real lifesaver for parents of Chad which are not great hunters to serious food. But even if the breastfeeding problems you have, unusually enjoyed the side dish will be an excellent decoration of children’s holiday table.

Kitten made of rice and cheese


Rice – 100 g

Processed cheese (briquette) or solid – 100 g

Sausage or cooked sausage – 50 g

Lemon slice – 1 piece

A piece of carrot


Boil the rice until cooked, slightly cool, spread on a plate and formed from a teaspoon two slides – oval and round.

Processed cheese cut into slices thickness of 3-4 mm, as long as they did not break. Combine the two slices and with a knife cut off the lower legs – so they turn out symmetrical.

Also cut out two of the front, then do triangular ears and a tail. Decompose in all the right places.

Of slice sausage (1 to 2 mm) virtualvirtual 2 circles and 6 ovals, the smaller one, it will be the pads.

Cheese in the form of ears make 2 of the same sausage, only smaller, so that the cheese layer was clearly visible. Pads and hands spread on the front foot.

With slices of lemon, remove the pulp and spread remaining crust instead of a collar. Decorate his small circle of carrot.

Black “stripes” – triangles at will or make of nori seaweed (in sushi twist it) or finely chopped olives.

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Turtle with buckwheat

Common buckwheat may be the most favorite dish of your child, if she has decorated.


Buckwheat – 100 g

Milk sausage – 1 PC.

Egg – 1 PC.

Carrot – 1 PC.

Black olives – 1 PC.

Elephant sausages


Sausages – 3 PC.

Sausage – 1 PC.

Olives – 1 PC.

Green onion – bunch

Lettuce – 3 leaves


Boil wieners, they will come in handy because of its shape – the elephant will get more plump and sausage – you need it for decorating.

Shinkuem onions and spread it on freshly washed and dried lettuce leaves on the plate – it will be “grass”.

Cut cooked sausages 6 thin slices, do the bratwurst closer to the beginning of the cuts on the size of the slices, put 2 of them inside, as shown in the Photo.

The rest of the sausage cut lengthwise and make 3 narrow thin strips approximately 3 cm In the place of the trunk, make a hole with a toothpick and put it in the strip – trunk.

Owl of mashed potatoes



Owlet from beet salad

The idea to make a salad so gave the famous children’s cartoon.


Medium beets – 1 PC.

Sour cream – 2 tbsp

Egg – 1 PC.

Carrot – 1 PC.


Boil the egg and vegetables, a simple salad.

Part of the beet RUB on a small grater, season with sour cream and spread on a plate a round slide. Carefully using a knife formed ears and wings.

Boiled egg white from the mold cut out circles – “eye”.

Carrots peel, cut into slices first and make the beak, then the stripes on the hood.

Of the remaining beets make “legs” by cutting a few sticks. Alternating carrots with beets, spread cap.

Finish, made from beets small parts: “eyes”, a pompon, ear tufts, etc.

If the layout of the salad left on the plate tracks, wipe them with a napkin. Prepare the dish with flowers and stars made of carrot and protein, and parsley.

Hare rice

The jackdaw of pasta


Spaghetti – 50 g

Cooked carrots – 1 PC.

Canned corn – 1 tbsp

Black olives – 1 PC.



Airplane in the clouds macaroni


The barley – 100 g

Sausage – 1 PC.

Cucumber — 1 PC.

Egg – 1 PC.

Green onions – a few feathers

Olives, greens.


Sausage, pearl barley and boil an egg.

Porridge put on a plate in the form Kotova faces.

From slices of boiled sausage making cheeks and ears, and pieces of protein and cucumber slices to the eye. Olive cut into pieces and put in place a vertical pupil.

The onion selected by size, placed on a sausage and 3 pieces on each side – whiskers. “Cat” for a children’s table is ready!

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Crab bread

Of rye or wheat bread cut form a circle. 2 of the smaller circle from the egg white will be the eyes. Ketchup draw paws and Bulgarian pepper cut the claws.

“Smile” also can be made of ketchup, and pupils from pieces of olives!

Machine of mashed potatoes

Formed from mashed potatoes on the plate machine. Ketchup denoted lights, and 2 stacks of chopped cucumber slices will be the wheels. Green onions denote the outlines of the Windows, and cooked sausage put on the “roof”.

Rooster from mashed potatoes

Submit to a beautiful baby seemingly banal dish – potatoes with cutlet, no need to philosophize!

Form of mashed potatoes “head”, and the cutlet will become “body”. Slices of bell pepper will do the beak, slices of fresh tomato with scallop and dill spread instead of feathers and wings.

Pirate pasta

From designed so the pasta they can’t refuse! Lay them on a dish, slices of cheese and half of olives will serve as the eyes, the bridge of the cucumber – nose, and tomato mouth will do.

The grains of corn spread, as if the teeth, the curls of paprika – mustache and half a tomato will be a bandana.

The leaves of Chinese cabbage, put the bottom plate under the pasta, if it’s the beard and side – whiskers, instead.

Spongebob of mashed potatoes

Mashed potatoes will be much more interesting and tastier, if you turn it into a “Sponge Bob”!

Align it on a plate with a knife to make a rectangle. From cheese sticks make the arms and legs, and cucumber skins (as they get thinner) – the smile, the shoes and cilia.

Radish circles are eyes, and the pea – pupils. From protein and sausages you can add parts – teeth and “square pants”!

As you can see, beautifully decorate main dishes for children is not difficult even for an inexperienced cook!