Vegetable salads recipes
My favorite garden is already beginning to please family first greens and vegetables. Onion and garlic, dill and parsley, radishes and cucumbers first: all the garden now generously gives us.…

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The most beautiful dishes of the world
Any dish can be submitted particularly attractive, but some recipes can do without the frills — they are so good by themselves. Chiles-EN-nogada. Mexico Chiles-EN-nogada Chili is one of three…

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Exotic dishes recipes

Exotic dishes in “simple recipes”? For a simple housewife? To feed a family? Or scare the guests?


In order to feed and impress, and their home and dear guests, just for that.

Simple recipes for exotic dishes.

Do not worry, you do not have to look “young bamboo shoots”, “Lotus seeds”, “eggs of a crocodile” or “the liver of the platypus”.

In this section, ‘Exotic dishes’ contains recipes that are easy to prepare at home from simple ingredients, however, they will fully correspond to the notion of “Exotic”.

The bulk of those dishes that are considered to have “exotic” – the most simple meals of the “wild” (for us) the natives. They, often, nothing more and nothing grows or does not run, that are prepared from locusts, cockroaches or swallow’s nests.

In this case, the cooking methods, in fact, exactly the same, that for pork, kangaroo, crocodile or grasshopper, and nothing exotic, do not contain. All too – fry, boil, stew, etc.

But, this exotic, is in an unusual cooking methods or unusual combinations of ordinary ingredients. It gives new taste sensations and new experiences. For example, to bury fish in the sand pit for two weeks, until tender – here is an exotic way. Where in Moscow you can safely such to dig with? You will not find then neither fish nor fossa. Exotic, definitely.

By the way, for many peoples, our easy pancakes with sour cream, too exotic! They and sour cream-we may never seen.

So, try amazing exotic dishes from what you have on hand. And don’t get carried away with this specially – dozen simple recipes in your culinary Arsenal, completely satisfied and prosperous attempts of your guests and your feelings.

To prepare exotic culinary product, use the ingredients, the taste of which contrast with each other, creating a harmonious combination. So for salads, for example, suitable combinations of parsley, red onion and mango, bacon will look great in the company of lettuce leaves, ripe grapes, sharp cheese and honey filling with walnuts, and tartlets can be filled with a mixture of shrimp, garlic and applesauce! For example.

Wanting to pass for a refined and original cook, serve with cold cuts – slices of persimmon, mint sauce to scrambled eggs, and to a fish dish – sweet and sour plum sauce. And for dessert, a perfect ice cream-flambé, burning blue flame liquor (the usual cream and jam and moonshine burning on top), sweet rolls (see step-by-step recipe roll only with raisins instead of cucumber) or chicha.

The rules of exotic cuisine at home is simple: use the most “exotic” ingredients (it’s easy – large supermarkets year-round supplying French cheeses, Asian sauces and tropical fruits), and be fantasy, combining these products the most unusual way.

But, do not forget about common sense, doing is a combination of spicy, but edible. At least.

Try to invent something “exotic”. Most likely will turn out quite tasty. Or unusual. That, in fact, required to get the output.

In order to push your imagination, here are some simple recipes perfectly edible food, adapted to our conditions. Go ahead and you will succeed!

And only “import” and the name “legend” for your creation to come up with a much easier than the recipe of an exotic dish.

For example, the most unusual dishes of the world, which impress not only for its peculiar taste and smell, but also lead the astonishing components.

Here are three of the most amazing and unusual recipe, which you can find on Earth.

– “Bronze”. Third place goes to the soup kitchen for Kiburu who love to cook residents Chagga nationalities that live in the East of the African continent.

This wonderful soup is prepared very easily using the fresh bananas, different varieties of the legume family water and dirt. Yes, ordinary dirt! As a result of mixing all these components, it turns out the soup with a characteristic earthy taste and hue. Often, probably to spice and flavor it adds twigs of trees.

– Silver gets a spicy dessert that is served in one of the cafes of New Orleans.

Its owner apparently decided to diversify their menu to attract new visitors – and as a result dessert in this cafe serves Cheesecake alligator. Which includes the meat of this swamp predator. More incompatible things as sweets and alligator – seemingly not coming up!

– “Gold” the first place of honor, on the right is the soup of the inhabitants of the island of Palau located in the Pacific ocean.

This unusual soup is considered to be due to the fact that is made from bats. They are boiled in coconut milk with lots of spices. And all anything, Yes the mice throw into the soup whole, with giblets and wool! So the result is that the plate floats boiled sort of monster, with pieces of matted wool in milk!