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New year's eve is imbued with magic, and preparing for the holiday gives us a pleasant hassle. It is said that when decorate the Christmas tree, our desires are fulfilled.…

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Easy salad recipes for every day
Before the salad, it was customary to call a cold dish of herbs, vegetables and fruits, dressed with oil or vinegar and spices. Now in this word, we put a…

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The most beautiful dishes of the world

Any dish can be submitted particularly attractive, but some recipes can do without the frills — they are so good by themselves.

Chiles-EN-nogada. Mexico


Chili is one of three elephants Mexican food where all brilliant difficult. A few hours to stand in the kitchen for Mexican women fun. Watch the sauces bubbling away in clay pots, to stretch the dough and your fingers to break up on hand theremake nuts and cocoa beans — a balm for the soul. That is why in Mexico so few psychologists. The best therapy is a beauty. In the first place on the plate. Because the colors of the Mexican sauces more than the rainbow, and count their ingredients — not enough fingers on hands and feet.

But chiles EN nogada is something special. Hispanics have a unique ability to combine on one pan of salty and sweet. This dish is the best proof. Freed from seeds spicy green Chile stuffed with a filling made of chopped meat, apples, peaches, raisins, pears and spices. All this is sprinkled with goat cheese sauce and chopped nuts. Sprinkle with pomegranate seeds. This dish has conquered the strict members of UNESCO, which recognized Mexican cuisine heritage of humanity. What can we say about obychnykh.

Black paella. Spain

Black paella

Maybe it is coincidence, but a beautiful dish of Spanish cuisine are served in the most beautiful holiday. Las Payas is the night in Valencia burned shapes out of cardboard and papier-mâché, over which the master worked for a year. Leave only one, the most beautiful. Her move to the Museum holiday Las Payas that already has left almost no free space. This holiday so spectacular that the hunter wonders Paolo Coelho did not pass it to their attention. Black paella on the eve of the Las Fajas prepared in each restaurant, and even on the streets, tinting the rice with squid ink and adding Valencian water, without which, say the inhabitants of this province, the dish is tasteless. Black is the color of ashes to which we will all someday become. Therefore the main thing — to have time to enjoy the beauty.

The fluid level. Russia


The climactic scene of the film “I am love” begins with a rich Italian family served in aspic. The heroine Tilda Swinton, an immigrant from Russia, teaches her lover, a young chef, to cook this dish. Guests look at the plate and lost in amazement.

Foreigners always like on the aspic, the former grey jelly, until he took French. Jelly did bleach and tint of lemon zest, saffron and turmeric. To unimpressive pieces of meat added vegetables, sliced boiled eggs and herbs. So jelly got on the Royal tables and was amazed by the splendor of the Northern cream of the crop. The beauty of this dish from the Russian cuisine can compete unless the herring under a fur coat. Let the foreigners and consider it less elegant

Peking duck. China

Peking duck

Nearly seven hundred years ago, the world learned that the duck from the table of the Chinese Emperor not just delightfully beautiful, but also useful for health. About it in the XIV century dietician Hu Sihui wrote in the book “Essential principles of nutrition”.

Lemon honey duck is cooked in special furnaces, causing her skin acquires a special luster. Traditionally, duck is served with julienne vegetables, Mandarin or rice cakes, with rosette sauce. Say what you will about the taste, but it is the glossy sheen of the Beijing duck made her welcome on the tables all over the world. Serve the duck whole, it is imperative that the guest could enjoy its beauty. Then a skilled waiter should cut it into 108 pieces — that many Eastern philosophers believe the most favorable.

Cake “Pavlova”. Australia and New Zealand

Cake “Pavlova”

According to experts of SAVEUR magazine, in the world, few desserts are as beautiful, as the “Pavlova”. Australia and New Zealand are still arguing about who came up with this cake. In 1926, the ballerina Anna Pavlova toured both countries and inspired chefs of the fifth continent and the surrounding Islands for almost alchemical experiments. Had to create a dessert so beautiful, that he liked the man with the most exquisite taste. A treat should be so easy that it could afford even a ballerina. According to one version, when the new Zealand chef saw the result of their efforts — a cracked white crust merengue, through which was barely visible delicate meringue, whipped cream on top, sprinkled with berries and fruits, said, “God, he’s as beautiful as Pavlova”. Dessert was served to the dancer during her performances in Wellington and, judging from his long life, indeed proved worthy of the Queen of the ballet.