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Delicious light salads without mayonnaise

Let’s talk about vegetable salads without mayonnaise .

It is not only a storehouse of vitamins, but a great option for a light snack or an indispensable part of the diet. and these salads will appeal to those who are allergic to components of mayonnaise. Vegetable salads are irreplaceable, if your table includes dishes of meat or fish.

Each salad can fill up different ingredients: vegetable oil, mayonnaise, sour cream or any sauce.

Let’s talk about vegetable salads without mayonnaise. Since Soviet times we used all the salads mayonnaise, because the dish is more wholesome and nutritious, but no one suspects that mayonnaise blunts, and even drowns out the true flavor and aroma of fresh vegetables.

Try make the usual salad of tomatoes, cucumbers and greens, divide the ingredients equally into two plates and one season with mayonnaise and the other with vegetable oil and then try both the salad.

Salad dressed with oil retains its aroma and luscious taste of vegetables.

Decide what dressing for vegetable salad you choose the course, but once again consider whether to spoil a piece of summer in the form of salad weight mayonnaise.

But mayonnaise – calorie product. He categorically not suitable for people who are prone to rapid gain weight.

In addition, the industrial mayonnaise izgotovlivajut a great many additives and preservatives that are unlikely to contribute to the strengthening of our health.

People adhering to a healthy lifestyle, conscious about for years to preserve their natural beauty and health, replace mayonnaise other useful products.

Light dressings for delicious salads without mayonnaise can be divided into two types or species.

The first type of salad dressings – dressings herbal oil and vinegar. During cooking, you can use any vegetable oil you like – sunflower, sesame or olive. Some dressings and sauces is peanut butter. It is mixed with plenty of olive oil to soften the taste of the salad sauce.

The most popular types of vinegar – wine, cider and balsamic.

Wine vinegar is made from white and red grape varieties.

White wine vinegar is more delicate and soft compared to red. White wine vinegar in salad dressings is combined with sunflower oil and with tarragon. Instead of tarragon you can take any fragrant herbs and spices .

Red wine vinegar can be used in sauces with olive or nut oil. In this vinegar much acid. It goes well with a hearty vegetable oils.

Very rare in many places of our country, but extremely tasty and flavorful vinegar – sherry. It is used in dressings for various meat salads. In these salads, you can add a little coconut oil.

There is another kind of vinegar – herbal vinegar. Apple cider vinegar or white wine insist on aromatic plants, and then use in cold salads with meat or language.

The second type of dressings for salad – dressings, which are prepared on the basis of dairy products: sour cream, cream, kefir. yogurt, curd, soft cheese or cottage cheese and buttermilk. They usually thick. They are excellent for salads with meat, poultry, fish and boiled vegetables.

Yoghurt filling with the addition of garlic and dill well not discourage anyone pleasant smell of fish.

The fish is also well suited mustard sauce based on sour cream.

Not everyone knows what buttermilk is, but it is also used in preparing salad dressings instead of mayonnaise. But buttermilk is one of the products resulting from the processing of milk.

The product is very useful, rich in protein, sugars, vitamins and minerals. A low calorie product!

As you can see, there is a wonderful alternative to mayonnaise!

Delicious salads without mayonnaise recipes

Salad without mayonnaise

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Salad without mayonnaise yum

will be a real masterpiece on your Desk. The fact that it is useful and is prepared quickly. This delicious and hearty salad without mayonnaise. Some hostesses to get the full taste do not add salt and it makes it only more fragrant. Read more.

Prepare salad with crab sticks without mayonnaise