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Easy salad recipes for every day

Before the salad, it was customary to call a cold dish of herbs, vegetables and fruits, dressed with oil or vinegar and spices. Now in this word, we put a wider sense, the salads are meat, fish, cheese, etc. you can use almost any ingredients, as long as they are well combined with each other. Salads can and must be trained every day all year round, using vegetables and fruits of each season as they are a source of organic acids, mineral salts and vitamins. Besides salads improve appetite. In this article we have gathered easy recipes for every day .

Nutritious bean salad.

Boil 100 gr. green beans, a few sausages and cut all the cubes. RUB on a fine grater 50 g. cheese and add it to the salad. Cut into cubes half a large tomato and one onion, add to the salad and mix thoroughly. Dress the salad with mayonnaise, sprinkle with herbs and decorate cut out half of the tomato flower.

Vitamin salad of fresh cabbage.

Mix shredded cabbage with green peas and season with mayonnaise.

A simple and delicious salad of processed cheese.

Grate a couple of processed cheese and one carrot medium size. Add the crushed clove of garlic and mayonnaise. Stir and ready!

Salad from sea cabbage.

A jar of seaweed, packaging Kralovehradecky, 5 boiled eggs, chop and mix thoroughly. Add mayonnaise and salt to taste.

Salad with herring.

Cut slices of herring fillet, Bulgarian pepper, cucumbers and tomatoes. Onions cut into rings. All carefully stir and pour oil. Sprinkle with herbs if desired.

Winter salad.

Cut into cubes 200 gr. ham, 3 cooked eggs. Mix all with 100 gr. canned white beans. Add dill and parsley, season with mayonnaise.

The mushroom salad.

Finely chop 200 gr. pickled or salted mushrooms, and connect them with chopped onion (about 30 gr.). Fry in vegetable oil 20 CC of white bread and add it to the salad. Season with vegetable oil and parsley.