Snacks recipes - simple, delicious snacks
Simple recipes of appetizers: fast and nutritious. Snack — food that is usually served before the meal, either alone as a light meal. Snacks contribute to enhanced secretion of the…

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Quick, tasty, no problems!
According to the teachings of Ayurveda ginger tea activates the human body in a hot "Yang" energy. No wonder he and many other sharp products, instantly warmed. Especially the way…

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INTERESTING DISHES – Recipes of cooking

New year’s eve is imbued with magic, and preparing for the holiday gives us a pleasant hassle. It is said that when decorate the Christmas tree, our desires are fulfilled. Naturally, in anticipation of the New year and I want to decorate our Christmas tree in a new way, original.

About the kitchen with a separate power supply

Today, probably, only the lazy does not speak about the benefits of a separate power supply. Know everything about her, but not everyone applies. However, the need to respect the principles of separate nutrition justified by the peculiarities of the physiology of digestion: mixing in the stomach substances that are characterized by different speed and difficulty of digestion, leading, ultimately, to the poisoning of the body.

Classic salad “Olivier”

The salad is popular in Russia and in the countries of the former USSR salad, schauspielerinnen and traditional new year. The name was in honor of its Creator, chef Lucien Olivier, who held in Moscow in the early 60-ies of the XIX century, the Paris restaurant cuisine “Hermitage”. Abroad is also known as “Russian salad” (Ensalada rusa Spanish tour. Rus salatas). In Russia Olivier also called “meat salad”.

Duck leg quarters in the oven

The duck belongs to the dark varieties of poultry meat in its composition high content of blood vessels, and the fibers are more rigid than, for example, in chicken meat. For this reason, duck meat is considered very useful for consumption by those who suffer from anemia and some nerve disorders. Like all waterfowl, the duck is quite fatty. The main part of the fat duck.