Recipes chicken salads
Salads with chicken in recent years become increasingly popular. For men is a great source of protein for women is a reliable tool for weight maintenance for children — tasty…

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"KISSES" APPETIZER OF SALMON These are nice little Zakubanye, they are quick to prepare, taste good and look beautiful, especially on the holiday table. the salted salmon (sliced) cream cheese…

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Recipes for diet for every day: entrees, desserts

Recipes diet food there is a huge amount. Therefore your choice to stop only on those their kinds, which is closest to you, or when strict menu of such power systems.

It should be noted that low calorie dishes can be consumed not only during the diet. They are perfect for the daily meals, especially for those people who are watching their figure.

In addition, for lovers of sweets, there are recipes diet desserts. They have a pleasant taste, easy to prepare, but most importantly – contain minimum amount of calories.

The main principle of preparation of dietary food is a certain thermal treatment of the food. This may be used, these kinds of as boiling, stewing, and steaming or in the oven.

In many recipes for diets is the restriction of the list of ingredients. This may exclude products with a high content of carbohydrates, fats and starch.

In addition, it should be noted that almost all diet recipes need to eliminate the addition of salt or to limit their amount. It is also not recommended to use sugar substitutes and many types of spices.

To arrange the diet table of the recipes may be preferable as the first and second meals, and diet desserts. Also in the diet may be present salads, cold dishes,compotes and fruit drinks.

Diet entrees

Among the recipes diet food special attention should be given to first courses. They are considered to be hearty and very helpful. And for their preparation will require a small amount of ingredients.

For example, for the preparation of buckwheat soup milk, you need to prepare 30 g of buckwheat, 300 ml of water and 250 ml milk with low fat content. You can also use 5 grams of sugar and butter.

It is recommended to use this recipe for the diet № 5. Original buckwheat should be rinsed, cover with water and bring to a boil. Then add milk and a little salt.

Cook on low heat until cooked buckwheat. A dish you can serve it with a small piece of butter and sugar.

Pearl barley soup with meatballs is also a prescription diet food. Ingredients you will need 20 g of pearl barley, 50 g potato, 15 g carrots 20 g tomato, 10 g onions.

You should also prepare a parsley 5 g of butter and lean ground beef. Pearl barley wash, add water and cook until half done. Then add lightly poached in butter and water vegetables. Cook until tender.

Diet recipes cottage cheese

Let’s consider a simple diet dessert recipe that can be used in various power systems, both for weight loss and treatment. This dish is called “cottage cheese Pudding”.

For its preparation should be mix 100 g of cottage cheese with one chicken egg, sugar, milk and semolina. Then all thoroughly mixed, place in a deep baking pan and place in oven for 15-25 minutes.

The pan should be oiled and before you send the dish in the oven, the top can be filled with fat-free sour cream. It is recommended to use this recipe for the diet № 5.

The following diet recipe cottage cheese good for Breakfast. Ingredients you will need 400 g fat-free cottage cheese, a tablespoon of honey, a handful of nuts and raisins and cinnamon and prunes.

All of these products should be crushed and combined with cheese, then knead well and add the honey. If curd is too thick, you can add a little skim milk.

Such curd is well suited as a dietary prescription for each day. Since the exception of butter, which is included in the traditional list of ingredients, the dish is low on calories.

Diet recipes on every day

Here are a few recipes that you can use in your diet daily. The first is salad “Health”. For its preparation you will need cucumber, tomato, carrot, Apple, and fat-free sour cream.

All the ingredients should be crushed, add a little salt and fill with sour cream. The dish can be decorated with parsley or other of its views. Also it is recommended to use this recipe for the diet № 5.

The next dish is boiled tongue with green peas and prunes. For its preparation you will need 100 g boiled language, 20 g of green peas and 15 g of prunes.

Boiled tongue cut into small slices and place on a plate. As a garnish boiled green peas and scald the prunes, then add to chopped language. You can apply this recipe for the diet № 5 and 1.

Cooked meat with apples, baked in milk sauce, is a low-calorie dish. For its preparation you will need beef, butter, wheat flour for sauce, milk and apples.

Initially boil the meat, then cut it into pieces. From milk, flour and oil to cook the sauce. Peel the apples, put them in the bottom of the pan, put a layer of meat. Pour sauce and bake in the oven. It is recommended to use this recipe for dietary table No. 5.

To prepare the next course will take tea from the leaves of stevia, 200 ml hot water, 90 ml of cold water, 1 teaspoon of agar-agar, 3 lemons, and ginger to taste. First you need to brew tea from stevia in 200 ml of boiling water. Then peel and grate a small amount of ginger, from which to squeeze juice.

Squeeze the lemons, the pulp, to remove a little zest and connect with tea. Then recipes diet dessert, dilute agar-agar in water and bring to a boil, brewing it on a low heat for 2 minutes.

In the resulting hot mixture of lemon juice, ginger, tea and lemon peel, add the hot agar agar and mix thoroughly. Then pour into forms and put in the cold.

It is recommended to use this recipe for diets of various kinds. Because this dessert is very low in calories, but delicious.