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How delicious to cook SHARK

Delicious recipes from meat sharks

Someone who will eat! Shark meat in the human diet

The shark is one of the most dangerous predators on Earth. But in person she’s found a worthy opponent – who will be serving a menu that is not even in doubt. And while hunting marine predators are rare, buy agustino today it is possible almost in any large supermarket.

The question is, how to cook shark, the dish was not just an exotic highlight of the meal, and it was really tasty and useful.

So, a real delicacy (and away any preconceptions!) Katran is meat, soup, Fox, mackerel, Mako and many other sharks. And as a well-known masterpiece of Oriental cuisine – shark fin soup? Try it, no one will have any doubt about the suitability of eating shark meat.

Grilled steaks, nourishing soups, gourmet salads – all these dishes are available not only for tasting in chic restaurants, but also at home. Want to surprise your guests with an exotic meal or to treat relatives juicy fish? Try to prepare shark!

Is it possible to have agustino?

A universally accepted “edible” species include sharks Katran, a thresher shark, Fox shark, salmon, mackerel, Mako, almost all types of gray and blue sharks.

The meat of Akulina 20% consists of proteins, rich in amino acids (which resemble the composition of beef proteins), b vitamins, and trace elements (phosphorus, iodine, copper, calcium, bromine).

In fact, ecolatina is lean, juicy meat is white or white-pink color, tender and tasty, and even with the additional “bonuses”: there is absolutely no bone (except at cartilage), low in cholesterol and virtually no fat. For example, in 100 grams of blue shark meat contains 143 calories, 20 gr. protein, 9 gr. – fat and 0 carbs.

But what about the cons?

Some shark species (e.g., polar) can cause severe intoxication (seizures, eating disorders, asthma attacks, in rare cases, even death). Of course, such meat on sale will not meet, but to prepare you and him (the people of the North have a national dish – hakarl made from meat polar sharks).

Repeated soaking, boiling (even burying meat under the ground) will be able to make poisonous shark in a safe, but a very specific dish to try which will be decided only a real fan of exotic cuisine.

In addition, meat of some species of sharks (e.g., gray) has a high mercury content, so not recommended for children and pregnant women.

What can you make from the sharks?

Anything, if you add imagination!

No need to believe that shark meat is suitable only for the steak, because it’s the same fish from which you can prepare:


That shark fin soup in China – a kind of aptitude test chef – known to many. But in addition to this delicacy, the shark can be cooked virtually any fish soup. It is no secret that in Greek, Bulgarian, Spanish cuisine popular recipes of entrees from sharks and seafood with various vegetables.

The second (main) dish with garnish

Delicious dish of sea Kale, blue, grey sharks in a spicy or spicy marinade, supplemented with various kinds of sauces will be a real highlight of the festive table.

And to make it it is possible in conventional oven, deep-fried, pan-fried. For breading, use corn flour, nuts, breadcrumbs, batter. The perfect garnish crumbly rice in the Eastern manner, baked or boiled vegetables.


Juicy and tender shark meat is optimal for baking and the process of maceration will additionally promariner next barbecue or steak, giving it a pleasant aroma of cooked meat, seasoned with smoked and hot spices.

Salads, hot and cold snacks

Delicious salads from shark mackerel species, cold and hot snacks from Katran with the addition of fresh or steamed vegetables are popular dishes in Mediterranean home cooking.

Fish cakes and fish pies stuffed with raw, boiled shark meat or it will become a manifestation of culinary fusion – a merging of Eastern and Russian cuisine.

General rules for the use of shark meat

You don’t like sharks? Maybe you just don’t know how to cook!

To properly prepare a shark, you need to be sure of the quality of raw materials: fish immediately after the catch must be released to the blood, to rid the meat from the strong smell and peculiar taste of the ammonia, removed red meat from the sides, and the rest of the carcass butchered, frozen or chilled.

The fact that shark blood to 2% of urea, and if the meat has not passed preliminary processing, it will definitely affect the taste qualities of food. However, the most popular varieties of sharks (mackerel, blue, Katran) special training is not needed.

For other types recommend soaking (in milk, cold water with vinegar, lemon, soy sauce, etc.). To be 100% confident in neutralizing residual ammonia and good taste of cooked dishes, rather when using any recipe, add 1 teaspoon of vinegar or lemon juice 450 grams of shark meat.