Cook the most delicious soup!
To prepare the most delicious soup, you need three things: desire to please a delicious meal yourself and loved ones; a set of high-quality and fresh ingredients; and, finally, a…

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Quick salad - guests at the door
Quick salad "guests at the threshold" I think many will agree with the fact that the saying about the uninvited or unexpected guest relevant at all times. First and foremost,…

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Quick snacks on the holiday table

Unexpectedly descended guests? Want to make a loved one a pleasant surprise? Or just itching to whip up something “sort of”, and all the old recipes are already tired?

Then consider our recipes, these quick snacks on the holiday table — a great opportunity to diversify your menu to surprise your guests or loved one. And most importantly . what time and money you spend to a minimum.

What to cook quickly?

Look in your refrigerator. Probably you got “lying around” a few eggs, mayonnaise, cheese, and the buffet hidden away a jar of olives and red caviar just in case? So: now is the time . Get out, now will do simple and tasty snack for the holiday table.

At the very least you can send him to the nearest supermarket for a fillet of a herring or some other gimmick.

Oh, and do not forget to prepare all at least quickly, but carefully, and then we’ll have to look for information on how to clean the grate from a gas stove.

Sandwiches with red caviar Hearts

For sandwiches you will need:

1 stick of butter;

white bread for toast;

red caviar

140-200 g;

fresh herbs – dill and parsley.

Oil remove to the refrigerator and let it stand for a bit, chibimon was spread on bread. Wash greens, Pat dry, finely chop the dill.

Take the bread and carefully cut into hearts. Each heart spread butter on the sides and top and carefully roll the sides of all pieces in the chopped dill.

On each slice of bread put eggs, garnish with parsley leaves, and lay the sandwiches on a platter.

Sandwiches “ladybug”

For cooking meals you will need:

1 stick of butter; 5 small tomatoes, it is better to take the “cream” or large cherry tomatoes; the Bank of black olives without stones; a small bunch of parsley; a loaf of sliced; 200 g any red fish.

If your piece of fish, remove the skin and bones and cut the fillets into thin translucent slices. Each piece of baguette cut in half and brush with oil. Top them with a slice of fish.