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Features travel to exotic countries – what is to be feared and how to prevent it

Of course, a clear definition of exotic countries there can be. After all, the exoticism of the country largely is determined individually, depending on where the traveler lives and where he has already been. Someone and neighboring Crimea is not worse than any of the exotics, and someone who winces even at the sight of the most exotic Islands: “Oh, boring, I have already seen this…”.

But for ordinary tourists exotic is considered to be all that far away, unusual unlike anything seen before.

For Russians, Ukrainians, Belarusians exotic – it’s New Zealand. Australia, Africa (except for the highly touted and hugely popular Egypt), Thailand, Maldives, Seychelles, Canary Islands, India, Tibet, Brazil, China, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, America and Canada can also enter in this list. After all, these countries for us citizens, so distant and strange.

But for the avid traveler from North America, this exotic will be Ukraine or Russia. By the way, there are many people still firmly believe that in Moscow there are bears with vodka and balalaika. Balalaika I, admittedly, none just like that on the street have not seen, but young people with vodka and a guitar on the benches in the yards we can meet often.

Exotic countries still remain exotic for us because there quite hard to get or expensive, or need to make a lot of transfers and letitbyte 8 hours. So those who are going on vacation with children or has not very good health, such travel can bring not only new experiences but also new challenges.

The problems you may encounter when traveling in exotic countries

The first (the small problem) is the difference in time zones . In many exotic countries you will have to get used to local time, and after 8-10 hours of flights it’s not all come at once.

The second snag and a hindrance joyful the journey can become acclimatization . It is especially pronounced in weather-sensitive people. But even quite resistant organism may fail if the climate and temperature has changed too dramatically. Therefore, in tropical countries is not recommended to go in winter since the temperature can exceed 50 degrees: if, for example, in Russia in winter is minus 25, and in Africa, India, or Mexico at this time will be more than 30 above zero Celsius. A little body firmly and without failure withstand such abrupt climate change.

It is acclimated to explain the fact that some tourists came to stay, like a squeezed lemon, and had sworn never again to go to the country, telling everyone how they didn’t like the rest.

The symptoms of acclimatization (read, if you are going to exotic countries)

In a hot climate you may feel sore throat, chills, could even be a runny nose or sore throat. Such acclimatization occurs in 80% of people, but in principle, if not to dwell, it will not interfere with your rest. In cold countries (if you come from a warm climate) can cause colds and frostbite – so don’t forget to bring warm clothes.

Jetlag and journey into the far exotic may result in insomnia. From insomnia there are a lot of drugs, but do not experiment with unknown medicines – better, before the trip, talk to your doctor.

Sweating – this may be acclimatization in a hot climate. This symptom is often accompanied by slight dyspnea, raising pressure and heartbeat. Therefore, hypertensive patients are not recommend to relax in countries with very hot climate.

The third common problem faced by travellers in exotic countries – this unusual food. By the way, acclimatization, too, might be a slight disorder of the stomach, but if you aggravate it more unusual food, then the trip may be significantly flawed. So don’t buy food on the street and in the first days of lot eat familiar food in every even the most exotic country there are restaurants with European cuisine or at least familiar to us McDonald’s.

And if you brought in such distances that there is not even the restaurants, try to eat foods most familiar to you – mild meat, cereal, bread. And be careful with all sorts of exotic fruits, desserts, dairy products and spicy food – these foods often spoil a trip to our tourists.

However, if you are confident in your stomach and not disgust, it is possible to try local dishes such as fried grasshoppers, frog meat or snake vodka from Palma or Icelandic hakarl is a dish made from decayed shark meat.

The fourth problem (if it in time not to prevent) can be heat stroke or sunburn. In hot countries, always carry sunscreen and gel for burns, as well as a hat and clothing with upper sleeve or even half a day excursion you can burn the hands.

The fifth issue of exotic countries is exotic insects, plants and animals. Don’t touch them unless you really know what it is, try not to sneak in abandoned places, gorges, deserts. And even better before the trip to read about the features of the local exotic flora and fauna and to follow the advice of seasoned travelers.

Performing all these simple recommendations, you can greatly improve the quality of your rest and save the nerves themselves and others. Good luck with your trips and travels!