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Cook the most delicious soup!

To prepare the most delicious soup, you need three things: desire to please a delicious meal yourself and loved ones; a set of high-quality and fresh ingredients; and, finally, a recipe from a reliable source that includes some “proprietary” secrets. This recipe is in front of you! So, start cooking the soup.

To cook better in a clean and cozy kitchen – it will set the tone for the whole process. Do not allow the anxiety or irritation distract you; you’re going to create a dish of many ingredients, and the taste turned out to be harmonious, should focus. You are in harmony with the world in these moments? You love those who’re serving your most delicious soup in the world? Congratulations – this is already half of success!

The basis of the delicious soup is usually a combination of meat or bone broth. Meat is better to take several different varieties. Beef with chicken very well “get along” in one pot! Just don’t forget about different time of cooking various meats, and desirable discharge of the primary broth with beef or bones. Cook together a few varieties of meat, by downloading the later variety that is cooked quickly. Half an hour before the meat is cooked, dip in the broth whole peeled onion. Boil the broth in a large pot! Let it occupies about 2/3 of pot volume: ovewiew your soup go a lot and need ample space.

While cooking the broth, it’s time to do the vegetables. Vegetables wash, peel and decompose into two parts. Some will be crumbled in the soup raw – cabbage and potatoes. Other beets, and carrots – need to pre-stew.

Peeled beets and carrots grate on a coarse grater, mix lightly fry in vegetable oil, and tormented under the lid until ready. Look, how’s the broth. Meat ready yet? Nothing steamed vegetables can wait in the pan.

Then, finally, you find that the meat in the pan is almost ready. Time to chop up the broth, potatoes! When slightly darkened the broth will boil, waiting 5 minutes and then charged into the pan of shredded cabbage.

Look in the pan: your dish until it looks like soup. But there is still time! Magical transformations can be started at the moment when the cabbage is cooked. Now the cooking process will go very rapidly.

So, cabbage and potatoes in broth prepared as meat. Now very quickly add salt, tomato paste, Bay leaf and other spices and additives on taste. What are supplements? For example, these are the beans, if your plan is borscht with beans. Or steamed mushrooms. Or canned sweet peppers. Remember: this is only a Supplement, which taste should not “interrupt” the harmony of the multi-component dishes.

An important point in the preparation of the most delicious in the world of soup is the addition of tomato paste. Acid, which contains in it, perform, in addition to beneficial effects on the taste of soup, two important mission. First – do not give the cooked vegetables in broth to absorb the liquid completely. Tomato paste so it is impossible to lay too early: if the cabbage and the potatoes are undercooked, they will risk to stay hardish. The second mission sour tomato paste – save as much as possible bright saturated beet color of the finished dish.

After salt, spices and tomato paste are incorporated in the broth, add the steamed beets and carrots, which are prepared separately in a pan. Now our soup became a real soup! Let it come to a boil. After that, the fire under the pan should be turned off as soon as possible: beetroot has a tendency to “digest”, the color of food can turn white from boiling. Forgot what? Try! Your soup is the best, if by trying, you discover it in spoon: sweet component (onion, beet, carrot) balanced acidic (tomatoes); salt enough; spices in moderation. If anything is missing, it’s time to fix it. Is everything okay? The hand reaches for the switch under the pot… Oh, forgot the green! Finely chopped herbs lay at the end of cooking.

Ready let the soup stand on the stove for 15 minutes: all the components then give the dish a taste and aroma to the fullest. Now it’s time to reward yourself for this creative work: pour a steaming miracle at the plate, invite to the table’s favourite, household. You have every reason to be proud of yourself!

To fill the most delicious soup can sour cream, crushed clove of garlic. Everyone already at the table? Bon appetit!

The approximate range of ingredients for a pan of soup with a volume of 3 liters: 0,5 kg of meat or bones; 1 onion; 3-4 potatoes; 0,5 l of chopped cabbage; 1 large carrot; 1 medium beetroot; 2 tbsp tomato paste; salt, spices, supplements and herbs to taste. But know this: your most delicious soup can be prepared quite differently than described above.