Salads birthday
We all know that Birthday is the most happy and long-awaited day of the year. I want to make it more memorable. In addition to the various events, competitions, registration…

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Salads for weight loss: easy, diet, low calorie
Salads diet: lose weight healthy food! Summer – time for vacations, short shorts, skirts, dresses. In summer, every girl wants to look at 100. How to help your body closer…

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Salad with cheese

Who said that salads diet must be tasteless and alapetite? If you cook salad with cheese on one of our recipes, you will not even know what it refers to dietary. After all, cheese is a very nutritious dish that is hard to miss in a salad. However, if not used in excessive amounts, the cheese will have an impact on your figure.

Dietary salads with cheese can be quite a lot, after all, a form of cheese in our time. We offer a salad recipe for each day of simple ingredients and a few unique recipes that will surprise you and your guests to any cocktail or dinner party.

Salad recipes with cheese

What kinds of cheeses are most appropriate if you need to prepare diet salad with cheese? Recipes of diet salads often contain non-solid low-fat cheese type Adyghe or feta, although in small quantities can meet and quite hard and fatty cheeses, especially if they are in the “neighborhood” with low calorie ingredients.

A light salad with cheese

Our first salad recipe will delight you on a weekday – ease and vitamin composition.


Adyghe cheese (150 g).

Cucumber (1 piece).

Bell pepper (1 piece).

Tomatoes (2 pieces).


Green salad (bun).

Red salad (bun).


Olive oil (1 tbsp).

The cooking process

Pepper wash, peel from the seeds and cut into big cubes.

Cucumber wash and chop as large cubes.

Wash tomatoes, cut into large chunks.

Parsley finely chop.

Tear the lettuce by hand into large pieces.

Cheese cut into cubes.

All the ingredients are thoroughly mixed, sprinkle with salt and add them in olive oil.

Calorie content of such meals is only 67 kcal per 100 g. Eat each day – and your mood and health will only improve.

Salad with cheese and tomatoes


The cooking process

Salad with feta cheese


The cooking process

Salad with Roquefort and pears