Most expensive food world
The Argentine national channel Te Le Fe there is an interesting television program “60 minutes” in the last edition devoted a segment to the most expensive dishes in the world,…

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Quick salad - guests at the door
Quick salad "guests at the threshold" I think many will agree with the fact that the saying about the uninvited or unexpected guest relevant at all times. First and foremost,…

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Exotic dishes

When we say or hear the words “exotic dish” or “exotic cuisine”, I immediately start thinking about something completely unusual, strange, intriguing and tempting. Exotic we call something that has never tried and not experienced. And only know about it from the stories of people which visited foreign countries. Especially are infinitely many possible to speak about the exotic dishes of Eastern, Arab or Latin American countries.

If ten years ago exotic dishes could be enjoyed only by going on a tourist trip to any country. Now to find a restaurant with exotic cuisine, without leaving the native city, became business quite usual. And fans of exotic find themselves sometimes faced with a difficult choice, what kind of exotic dish to order at this time. Because the choice of exotic dishes in Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, Mexican and other restaurants is very large. And every owner of a restaurant with exotic cuisine is glad to surprise our guests with new fancy meals.

Many people the words “exotic dish” associated with a very spicy food or fried cockroaches or snake meat and so on. It is not so. Exotic can be either meat, fish or seafood, and vegetable, mushroom dishes, desserts,drinks and even cakes.

There are so many exotic dishes, the recipes that are not too outlandish and cook them easily at home. One of those recipes “Caribbean mini pizzas”. This is a very good snack and family meals and to dinner party. They are of small size, so they are very convenient to eat, but also delicious and fragrant. For making mini pizzas you will need dough, canned pineapple, tomatoes, chili, grated cheese, tuna fish and curry sauce.

In the list of simple exotic cakes you can enable “Kosh tele”, “pie Chucho “, “Dubai horn”, “rice cake with Daikon radish”, “Yorkshire pudding with meat” and more.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with exotic dishes. Be surprised by yourself and surprise your guests.