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Salads birthday

We all know that Birthday is the most happy and long-awaited day of the year. I want to make it more memorable. In addition to the various events, competitions, registration of premises to make a holiday memorable, thanks to the beautifully decorated table, rich with all sorts of dishes.

It may seem that in order to cover such a table, you need to have unimaginable culinary skills. In fact, you can just purchase a book on cooking. Because preparing holiday meals is an art, and to approach this process very carefully. You must first decide on the holiday menu.

No festive table is complete without a salad. To any meal salads are in high demand.

Light salads for a birthday excellent aperitif. It is with them and you can start the meal. Traditionally it is possible to make salads in the food or submit them on the table in the batch bowls or prepare the salad-cocktail, submitting it by the glass and arrange it. In this case, a gala Banquet will be rich and varied.

It is desirable that the salads of different composition. For example, you can choose one of three salads: fish (shrimp or seafood), meat (ham, sausage), as well as vegetable salads. Preferably, neskolkovariantov were light, for example, a salad of tomatoes and cucumbers, Greek cabbage salad with sunflower or olive oil. Others, on the contrary, more satisfying (for example, salads birthday with boiled vegetables with meat, dressed with mayonnaise).

Well, if you create a holiday menu that will take into account taste preferences, and invited to the celebration of people. Believe me, they should evaluate this concern. After all, everyone will be nice to try a dish of your favorite products! You can go the standard way and to prepare well-known dishes, but you can try to experiment, there are extreme way.

Look for new salad recipes for my birthday, and surprise your guests. Ideally, of course, to test them in advance.

Generally salads are of two types: which are a separate dish, and are served as garnish to meat or fish. Appearance also plays an important role. Beautifully decorated salad looks delicious. If you will spare a little time for decoration, exercise your imagination, then soon, believe me, from the salad your not going to be over!

You can buy a special knife for cutting different figures of vegetables. There is a whole science on carving vegetables – carving. If you want to pass an excellent hostess, learn at least basic of the basics.

Do not choose the same type of salad for my birthday. It is desirable that the ingredients were totally different.

If most of your guests are men, therefore, prefer a hearty salad with meat. If it’s a child’s birthday celebration and invited a lot of kids, the salads should be light. An excellent option fruit salad is tasty and useful!

Today, there are many recipes of salads for my birthday, which meet the most important requirements: light and hearty, with meat and vegetables with different dressings as mayonnaise and olive oil. So we are sure that you will not experience difficulty!

Here are some salads that are in high demand for birthday. Of course, the classic “Olivier”. This is followed by constant companions of the holiday table – “Herring under a fur coat” and “Chrysanthemum”. The classic is certainly good, but I want and diversity. Now very popular so-called light salads. This is the well-known “Greek salad”, “Caesar” and all kinds of salads with seafood (shrimp, oysters, squid, and “marine algae”). You can also choose salads Birthday with meat and fish products, pasta (Italian salad).

Unusual in the daily menu of exotic add salads with such ingredients as banana, orange, pineapple, kiwi, avocado. Walnut will give any salad a nice, delicate flavor. As you can see, the selection of salads Birthday is very diverse. Therefore, you choose!Now, consider the recipes for salads!