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The most delicious and the best dishes of the world

J. Bernard Shaw said, “there is No love sincerer than the love of food”. Judging by the number of various dishes around the world, he was right.

Something we eat just to live, but something- because that would be a crime not to try this Goodies. But what dishes are the most delicious? Everyone will answer this question differently.

Based on one of the surveys of people in many countries of the world, which was conducted by CNN, here are the dishes which can become one reason for your decision to start traveling:

The most delicious hot dishes of the world

Italian lasagna

Lasagna overtook traditional pizza and became the most popular Italian dish in many countries around the world. This delicacy is prepared from layers of dough interspersed with layers of stuffing, covered with sauce (usually Bechamel). Layers of fillings can be, in particular, beef stew or ground beef, tomatoes, spinach, other vegetables and always Parmesan cheese.

Swiss Fondue

Fondue is a Swiss dish of melted cheese that is served in the communal pot (Caquelon) over an open flame.Enjoy this preparation with the help of special long forks, prick the bread and dipped in cheese. The appearance of this dish contributed vacanciesinreverse dishes of the Swiss cheese Union in the 1930s, it became popular in North America in the 1960-ies. Since 1950, the name “fondue” has been generalized to other dishes where food is dipped into a common pot with hot liquid.

Japanese sushi

Sushi is the perfect marriage between raw fish and rice. Traditional Japanese cuisine is cooked from rice with acetic seasoning and various seafood and other ingredients. Delicious really can be simple.

Peking duck

Oven baked, crispy, syrup-covered skin duck is so good that she will become your love, in addition to flying and floating, of a duck. Usually this dish is more skin than meat, and it is served with pancakes, onions or sweet bean sauce.

Mexican fajitas

Fajitas is cut into strips and fried meat with vegetables which is served with a soft tortilla made from wheat flour.