Salad recipes: top 7 best
Recipe salad "Olivier" carrot - 1 PC., onion - 1 PC, eggs - 4 PCs., pickled cucumbers - 4 PCs., green peas - 1 Bank, Apple (sour) - 1 PC.,…

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Delicious light salads without mayonnaise
Let's talk about vegetable salads without mayonnaise . It is not only a storehouse of vitamins, but a great option for a light snack or an indispensable part of the…

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Snacks quick and not very

Hello, dear all!

I want to offer you options for snacks, hearty, and budget is not difficult.

Option number one: chicken rolls with bacon, hot appetizer.

Here everything is simple and many familiar.

Chicken, a package of bacon (cut into strips), onions/garlic, ground pepper, favorite spices.

Fillet cut into small cubes, about a finger. Onion-half rings, garlic – petals (you can use either onions or garlic). The piece put the piece of fillet, pepper, a couple polyolefin onion, garlic petal, spinning, shearing with a toothpick (they are then very convenient to take the finished snack).

Spread on a baking sheet and put in preheated oven, 200 C for 20-30 minutes, watch for romanescu bacon.

All! Delicious and satisfying, quick and not zamorochka.

Option two: “Shawarma” with fish, appetizer was cold.

Lavash is thin (for rolls), fish – salmon, trout, tuna canned, in short, any suitable (very tasty smoked mackerel here), onion (or green – to taste), egg, chicken, hard-boiled, canned corn, greens, mayonnaise. Can I get some grated cheese, a cornichon.

Regime onion finely, fry in vegetable oil size until the brown color. If the green onion – it, of course don’t fry, and chop finely.

Fish cut into small pieces, egg also grind, crumble all the other ingredients, except corn, of course. All mix, a little bit of mionica add and stir. Not particularly zealous, not to turn our “salad” in porridge.

On the table lay a piece of pita bread, cut it on quadratureformeln (fans of mayonnaise and pita bread to smear them), on each square put the filling and wrap “Shawarma”)))). For convenience and beauty every “Shawarma” wrap in a napkin.

Option number three: a classic of the genre – baked potatoes with bacon (bacon)

You can, I won’t write anything? All and so all know)))) Just love the picture))))

All health, good luck and Bon APPETIT!