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Salads for weight loss: easy, diet, low calorie

Salads diet: lose weight healthy food!

Summer – time for vacations, short shorts, skirts, dresses. In summer, every girl wants to look at 100. How to help your body closer to the ideal of 90-60-90? All sorts of diets and fasting days give only a temporary effect which will disappear as soon as you walk into your regular diet, and the extra pounds will come back at lightning speed.

How to keep the body in shape, if for a long workout at the gym? Without exercise is very difficult to do, but to start the mechanism of burning fat is possible with the help of… salads. Salads for weight loss – the present decision for those people whose working schedule does not allow to allocate three days a week for visits to the gym.

Salads are on the menu of the average person are not more than 3 times a week. The rest of the time we eat “bounds”: sandwiches, pizza, and in the best case – the soup and the garnish. But a healthy person needs 400 grams of fruit and vegetables a day!

Plant food contains the vitamins that promote fat burning. Tomatoes, cabbage, beets – leaders on the content of the vitamin Riboflavin, which is responsible for the breakdown of fats. Salads that incorporate these vegetables should be in your diet every day!

The recipes are simple and healthy salads will help everyone who cares about their health. So, start writing.

Salad for weight loss “Panicle”

Ecollege vitamin salad will help to establish the gastro-intestinal tract, displays radionuclides and perfectly quench your hunger, but it useful components will have a beneficial effect on the entire body.


the cabbage – 250 g;

carrot – 1 PC. (average);

apples green – 2 PCs.;

low fat yogurt – half a Cup;

salt, pepper – to taste;

parsley and dill – 1 bunch.

Cabbage finely chop. Beets grate on a fine grater carrots and apples for large. Apples peel is not necessary: it is, it contains the maximum of useful vitamins and minerals. All the components to fill the kefir. Mix.

Salad for weight loss “Amanita”

A salad with such an alarming title is not only safe, but also very tasty. Its use instead of dinner will not add an inch to your waistline, give you a feeling of satiety for a few hours, and useful components will contribute to the restoration of natural youth, beauty and health.

tomatoes – 3 PCs.;

the feta cheese – 50 g;

onion – 1 PC. (or a bunch of green);

sour cream – 3 tbsp;

salt, pepper.

All cut into cubes. Mix. Serve chilled. This simple recipe should be in every lady. The preparation of this salad will take the least time, but you will receive the maximum of necessary and useful substances, because tomatoes are leaders among the vegetables on the content of potassium and phosphorus, and the feta cheese has a minimum fat content, but contains calcium that is essential for normal joint function during exercise.

Fruit salad

Healthy fruit salads for weight loss have become the favorite treat for every sweet tooth who care about their figure. Natural fruit sugar is a good alternative to sucrose and will benefit everyone who cares about health. Dressings for fruit salads it is better to use skim milk, yogurt, low-fat sour cream.

It is important to remember: not all fruits are suitable for overweight people. If you aspire to lose a few extra pounds, of bananas, dates and grapes you should be abandoned. But green apples, pineapples, citrus fruits, melon, watermelon and berries is a good choice. Everyday consumption of 300-400 grams of these healthy foods will give you slim figure and your skin – healthy and radiant.

Salad recipes fruit will be a real boon for fans to enjoy.

Fruit salad weight loss Green

Fruit salad for weight loss “Traffic light”

kiwi – 1 PC.;

orange – 1 piece.

Apple green – 2 PCs.;

peach/banana – 1 piece (your choice);

low fat yogurt – half a Cup.

This salad for weight loss will bring energy and a “bouquet” of useful vitamins. It certainly will satisfy not only adults but also children.

All salads healthy?

Light salads are a delicious and healthy food that provides the body with the necessary nutrients that will satisfy hunger, help to maintain good physical shape. But are all salads healthy? Of course, no. If the salad contains mayonnaise, it should not be used to the person having excess weight. Mayonnaise is very high-calorie product which is of low nutritional value: in addition a huge number of fat anything useful out of mayonnaise, your body will not receive.

Delicious diet salads for weight loss contain several types of fruit and vegetables and dressed with olive oil, yogurt, low-fat sour cream and yogurt. Salads, mayonnaise, fatty sauces and sour cream, to name diet does not. Their useful properties are reduced to zero.

Original recipes of salads for weight loss can’t include the notoriously “bad” foods: crackers, sausages, offal. Recipe diet salads for weight loss is characterized by simplicity and speed of preparation. If you want to keep in shape, want to look “perfect”, low-calorie salads should be in your diet every day. If you replace the salad one meal (evening for example), then after several weeks will notice that the skin became more smooth, the body is elastic, and feels great.