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Recipes appetizers for parties

Recipes for appetizers on the buffet table

Great idea for a holiday home or informal communication in the office — to organize a reception.

Translated from French fourchette – fork. This Cutlery is used as the main buffet.

The buffet table is when:

gathered eat standing up;

choose the food;

most often, serve themselves;

the main purpose of the event is communication, and the secondary one is a snack;

maximum space for movement and discussion, for which all gathered;

the minimum space occupied by tables;

the abundance of dishes with delicious snacks “one bite” and drinks.

At the event, each guest traveling easy, will find interesting and pleasant companion.

Creative managing costs nothing to organize a reception. The main idea! If you are trying to host the reception at home or at work for the first time, we will share some interesting recipes for appetizers on the buffet table.

What snacks meet the term “cocktail party”?

B people for a buffet — a La carte snacks mini size. Cooked quickly and, nevertheless, not inferior in its taste long cooking dishes. To eat which predpolagaetsya or using a fork or skewer.

Snacks for the buffet table is usually simply produced but fancy restaurant . Will go to the course any products.

If you grasp the basic principle of cooking, you will be able to invent the recipes are easy and fast. Most importantly, make sure in advance of buying tartlets, canapés, crackers of different flavours of crisps.

A great option — finger appetizer skewers

Good that easy to use. Meat, vegetables, seafood or fruits — can be put all on skewers.

Products requiring heat treatment before attachment, easily fried in a basic batter (a mixture of water, 1 egg yolk and flour).

The simplest recipe is spread on the skewer cheese of different varieties alternating with pineapple cubes, cherries, colorful grapes and olives, or olives.

Perfectly decorate the holiday table cute, snacks and small canapes

To start, here are the list of blitz-ideas for the buffet menu.

You can cook small cakes made of puff pastry or yeast dough with various fillings.

Prepare the salad (1 tomato, cheese, greens, mayonnaise) all finely chopped. Prepare the chips. Before serving, put the salad on the chips.

Chipsaway on the plate so you can add red or black caviar, garnish with dill sprig.

Cook the mixture (boiled eggs, cheese, garlic to taste, mayonnaise). All finely grate and mix into a homogeneous mass. If you want you can add herbs or spices. Fill the prepared tarts.

Also, for snacks in tartlets, perfect mixture of grated Roquefort cheese and lemon juice (1 tsp 80 g of cheese). For decoration use ground pepper, greens, slice of tomato or cucumber.

As the basis for a light snack convenient to use multi-colored peppers . To do this, cut peppers lengthwise into wide strips. On each strip put a pre-prepared mixture of cottage cheese and sour cream, add to taste the garlic and sprinkle with salt. Garnish with pickle.

By the way, instead of garlic you can add to the cream cheese green onions and various greens.

M scarlet round buns fit perfectly. Need to cut and put inside whatever you want: cakes, meat, ham, cheese, various vegetables and herbs. Sauce — any.

Or split the rolls in half. And on each half put any topping or salad.

Sandwiches — perfect for a buffet table. Will fit all in any thread. Show originality!

Snacks for dinner at the office can be ordered from specialized firms catering with delivery on the day of the holiday. In this case, the options menu offers the specialists of the supplier.

Those who decided to put hands to prepare buffet table, or to give it more pizazz, we offer:

Cold fish appetizers

Salmon rolls

Can mix buffet table. Delicious and bright. Easy to prepare.

The number of products depends on the number of guests.

Z Akaska has an original look. Will suit those who love fish. Taste of spicy.

Required products:

herring slightly salted;

puff pastry or a ready-made tartlets;

cottage cheese;


sour cream;


The order of preparation.