Easy to prepare salads
Every home owner will certainly find a notebook, which contains the best recipes of salads . Let me recommend several interesting options . Basically, today presents easy to prepare salads.…

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The fastest and most delicious salads for any occasion
It's no secret for every modern housewife that sometimes you really want to pamper themselves and their households a fast and original meal. and then you are guaranteed to remember…

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PLEASURE IN EATING is About food and not only

The ham shank and language at home


If you are looking for delicious recipes, you here, you made the right choice! It comprises a large collection, using my favorite recipes. This collection will be updated further as we always want to eat there and we love delicious. Since childhood, I’ve collected clippings from magazines and Newspapers, recorded the layout of the favourite dishes from his friends and colleagues. Now I had the desire many of them to cook.

Even when I didn’t have a cooking blog and I was looking for, what to cook, choosing step by step recipes because it was possible to see clearly the manual, and know which stage for what follows, and even a complex dish is not deterred by its obscurity. So that’s how I make out your article.

To find your dish, you just write down what you want to find in the search bar or look at the page where all the recipes. They are separated by category: salads, appetizers, desserts, soups, pastries, drinks, etc.

I am more than sure that tasty food is not necessarily satisfying or nutritious. For those who are watching their figure and want to lose weight, there is a special heading, the name of which is food combining.

The second is my firm conviction that it is not necessary to prepare delicious meals, you need to spend hours in the kitchen. I think that when you try to cook by following my recommendations, you will agree with me.

You can learn how to cook lentils and how to cook scallops, chocolate fondant, pumpkin pie, how to pickle salmon, which is delicious mackerel, baked with herbs, and a casserole of pasta, pies with peas, and summer is a wonderful frappe coffee drink. Draw your attention to the Dish, which deserves special attention, due to its popularity.

I wish you that you get pleasure not only from food but also from her cooking! I wish you new discoveries and delicious Bon appetit!