The appetizer chips
With snacks always starts the meal and snacks you can judge how the future will be a feast. And so in order to "not fall" face in the dirt, we…

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Rolls meat for the festive table - Favorite recipes
-Mushrooms - 500 g -Onions - 2 PCs -Eggs - 2 PCs -Hard cheese - 150 g Cream - 1 Cup -Salt - to taste -Ground black pepper - to…

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Christmas table : meat dishes

The horse against the bunnies, piglets and young plump chickens. She graciously refers to any meat dishes and highly recommends that you put on the Christmas table original roast.

Do you have any unusual ideas for Christmas table? There is, but only those which will require a full day at the stove? And would like this Christmas table for 2014, which will be envied by all guests? So to create it casually, devoting most time to personal care and pleasant relaxation.

So, the coming year of the Horse will require each of the maximum number of forces. No need to “work like a cart-horse” or “hoof beat” in eager anticipation of oats. The horse requires us meat dishes that will give your muscles the fortress, the heart — charge that the stomach satiety, and head — clarity. So meat delicious Goodies for new year’s table in 2014!

Rabbit for the king

Rabbit meat — diet, easy and very useful. To eat a dish of rabbit like thick pork chop. What could be better in the New year than a tender rabbit meat, melting on the tongue?


one small rabbit

salt— 1 teaspoon

greens (bunch of parsley, celery, green onions and desirable, but optional — garlic)

dry white wine, 0.5 liters

flour — 50 grams

green beans — 300 grams

carrot — 100 grams

potatoes — 200 grams

chicken broth — 1 liter

thyme (or rosemary, or Basil — take your pick) — 15 grams 5 grams of fresh or dry


On the eve of the filing of rabbit meat cut into small pieces, mix with half of salt and pepper, feathers garlic and green onions, pour the wine and leave overnight in the fridge to marinate.

Pour into a bowl the flour, remove meat from marinade, roll it in flour and a little until they are almost done, fry in a pan.

In a deep baking dish or casserole dish to put fried rabbit, on top lay the sliced fresh carrots, thawed beans. Pour the marinade from the rabbit. Put spices (the one you chose — thyme, rosemary or Basil). On top lay cut slices of raw potato, parsley and celery. Pour chicken broth, add the remaining salt and pepper. Send in the oven you pre-heated to 200 degrees for 40 minutes.


The chicken, which turned out to be the broth can be used in another new year’s dish. For example, replace it with beans in beet snack cake from our recent article.

Alternatively, perfect pre-cooked and frozen chicken broth.

Spicy meat with jam

Pork is a regular guest in Russian festive table. Dishes from it — a great many, this is the perfect hearty meal for the men, who in the year of the Horse will be and the power. The simplest way is to bake the entire piece of pork. But the dish was unusual and really delicious, prepare the pork. with jam.


pork ham (size of your desire, but not less than one kilogram)

onions — not less than 0.5 kg

fat — 50 grams

salt for rubbing

garlic — a few cloves

carrots — 1 piece

sour jam or jam (plum, lingonberry, cranberry) — 4 tablespoons


Ideally the meat is marinated for at least three days, better four or five. But if you fail, get well, even if you leave the ham overnight.

To be done in the washed ham deep incision with a sharp knife and lard the meat with pieces of bacon, garlic and carrots. RUB the meat with salt on all sides.

Tightly to impose meat sliced in rings onions, wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate to marinate.

On the day of submission of the hams in the morning to remove the meat from the refrigerator and give it two or three hours to stand in the foil at room temperature. Remove the film, throw out the onions.

Wrap ham in foil and send in preheated oven at 220 degrees. Keep in the oven from a strict calculation of one hour of cooking per pound of meat. Pre-divide total cooking time into three parts.

Set a timer or alarm clock. When will two-thirds of the total time of cooking the ham, remove the meat from the oven and remove the foil. Coat pork marmalade or jam. To put topcats without foil, lay on a baking sheet or in the form of baking paper.

Meat roasted this way, it is tasty both hot and cold.

You can draw ideas for new year’s table year of the Horse anywhere. So far, we invite you to our latest culinary articles: Snack cakes: recipes. Most low-calorie sweets. You don’t want after the New year hard and painful to get rid of “naidennykh” pounds.