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Terrible food

Psychology in the plate

All things are not expedient, that in the mouth got, the saying goes. And that is true, especially if that “something” gets into your mouth by itself without your participation. But often happens anyway, when we absorb what in our culture is not accepted… Although, if in other places are eating something that we think is disgusting, do you need to overcome your squeamishness and try such culinary delights?

Among the exotic treats include, for example, wine from a lynx or a bear. Yes, it happens sometimes. Fans of something “unexpected” manage to partake of drinks from the most bizarre ingredients, often of animal origin. Compared with such delicacies tincture of the serpent seems childish lemonade.

By the way, about snakes. Psychologists have long told the world that the fear of snakes inspire the child to his parents, who themselves are afraid of these snakes. But in some cultures, the snake one is able to prepare a complete meal. And the soup, Meat and two… snake, say, in the prepared state are nearly impossible to distinguish from our usual white meat. And skin does turn into a kind of chips. By the way, on chips and cooked like locusts. Make crispy and Scorpions. But it is rather very much the Amateur exotics.

The question is, why is everything? First, in some countries such culinary masterpieces are the sole source of various nutrients.The food is also some of the tribes of their children bread from clay and flour to calcium in the body was more. And then all we are talking about insects-tarakashek — times live, so worthy of the use.

Secondly, also important is the belief in the possibility for more exotic dishes, those which give their sinks.

Someone thinks that the living snake heart promotes male potency, and some people prefer for these purposes, raw oysters. To each his own.

And if we have the dog — man’s best friend, in Vietnam there are special farms where these friends carefully bred that they have saturated that the person. In Hanoi even on the market easily can find stalls selling dog meat. Therefore, going for shopping, you should be careful when choosing products.

In modern society animals that are close to us in appearance or in spirit, forbidden to be eaten. However extreme still light enough, and there are still places in Oriental countries, where the delicacy serves live monkey brains. If you omit the physiological details of the process, the ideologically this procedure is justified by the fact that after tasting this dish becomes closer to the gods. Or maybe you mean that such people live as gods. Then the logic is clear: the cost of one such snack is comparable to the budget of the average family in this country for a month or more.

About fish fugu is written already much. From it cook soup, make sushi, add in sake… From one Fugue to make an entire lunch, every bite of which will face almost certain death, if caught the cook hack. However, despite the fact that death from the poison of fugu are registered every year, the popularity of this delicacy won’t fade over time.

In principle, poison in places of public catering without the use of deadly dishes. Except that the chances of survival after normal burgers anymore. On the other hand, when a person lives in society, where we value a similar dish, and eating it may affect the respect of important people, sooner or later, the desire to try will be insurmountable, no matter how dangerous this delicacy. But if the food seems disgusting, it is a natural human avoidance response.

Although, it would seem, in ordinary life enough dishes that are firmly established in our everyday life, but many still cause discomfort in the stomach. For example, cheese. And in Sardinia, and even make cheese with insect larvae that are eating the product of fright can jump up a few inches. So before eating is recommended to protect your eyes with goggles or remove stirring the ingredients of the cheese. No surprise today, snails and frogs in the bowl, but not everyone will eat them for both cheeks.

And in new Jersey there is a farm, the owner of which is the Manager of the Club of fans of exotic dishes, or as they call themselves, of the explorers club. There is this organization for more than 100 years, giving a unique lunch just once a year. For two years it is planned the menu for the evening. The products are procured in advance and stored in live or frozen form (which, in fact, own farm). The main condition: at every meal should include an animal (or animal body), which in Western culture are not considered as food.

And here, in a remarkable evening to an expensive restaurant come club members in beautiful clothes and eat the eyes of crocodiles, locusts and Scorpions and other filth, from which he shied like a scalded cat in a different situation. And there is such an exotic dinner quite a bit of money.

Interestingly, in this situation, people will eat the weirdest dish from being around people who not only watch, but also eat the same thing.

To show weakness in such a situation is unthinkable. You have to eat. That same sense of community encourages such adventurers to try not very attractive delicacies. This bold move is designed to demonstrate his courage to the world.

In his ‘justification’ of the original members of the club cite the example of the first travel, which, falling in the most remote corners of the planet, were forced to eat what local people eat, and out of respect to the feast, and as self-preservation in all senses of the word. So, as modern researchers of exotic dishes, manifested in the victory of the spirit over the body.

But is infuriated by the body to digest such culinary delights? In the physical and psychological sense of the word.