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History: an Unusual Chinese dishes

China is known worldwide for its odd tastes and unusual dishes that use a variety of creatures and completely inedible, at first glance, products. However, Chinese cuisine has become popular in many Western countries – in the USA has spread to so-called “woks” (Chinese noodles with vegetables and different sauces). But one thing noodles, and the other monkey brains, fried rat or wine from mice. Chinese tradition of use for food all living things can be explained, because it has long been one of the most populated countries in the world, and many people need more food. So many products that other Nations do not perceive the quality of food, the Chinese use without a doubt. This issue is particularly important today, when the population is constantly growing, and fertile land and places with favorable environmental conditions is very small.

Chinese scientists recently stated that it is foolish to disdain the cockroaches, because it is a good protein food – so soon the Chinese company for the production of food will supply the paste of these insects. They promise that the taste of this “delicacy” will remind taste the best shrimp.

Maggots or licencia also thought the Chinese pretty tasty – it turns out that one can get tasty and healthy oil that can be used for the prevention of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Other insects, spiders and Scorpions have long been a part of the national cuisine of many Chinese provinces.

Also popular are a variety of dishes from rats at the times of Chinese Empire, they were particularly common, rats even called domestic reindeer. Now eat them and the peasants, and the rich in elite restaurants. However, rats are prepared even in France, although the French now treat them with disgust, in the nineteenth century in Bordeaux ate rat carcasses with pleasure.

One of the most famous exotic Chinese food is monkey brains. You say that this is no surprise, because the brain is cooked in many countries of the world. But the Chinese eat the brains of living monkeys! Far not everyone will dare to

such a feat. It is very important that at the opening of the skull, the monkey did not die from pain shock, so the poor animal first drink of alcohol. Only the most desperate foreign tourists willing to try this dish.

Apparently, the Chinese are particularly fond of live food still – alive fish fried just proves it. This barbaric dish was invented in Taiwan, to show the visitors of the restaurants that used in the preparation was used fresh fish. Then, Taiwan has banned this delicacy, and in China it is still eating the carcass of the fish, except the head, placed in boiling oil, after which it is fried, but the fish continues to open mouth and moving eyes…

Qinghai and the delicacy of a quail or Sparrow eggs is popular among foreigners, as long as they do not know the secrets of cooking. This dish is considered a delicacy in Qinghai province. Cook it in the moon – first the eggs are soaked in a mixture of water, tea and salt for 101 days. The full moon pull them out and hold in the urine of a donkey, and then boiled. Eat this delicacy with ginger and sauce.

The Chinese apparently love the old and rotten eggs in another province favorite dish are the “thousand-year eggs”. This is the usual chicken egg, which is coated with clay, salt and ash and stored for a hundred days. During this time, the shell becomes purple, the protein becomes unpleasant dark gray color and the yolk turns green. The smell of this dish is no better than its type – a terrible mixture of sulfur and ammonia. But the Chinese do not pay attention to him and eat with pleasure.

In China people are very sensitive to shark fins, which are symbols of wealth and fame. Dishes from fins usually served to guests as a sign of respect. Pronounced taste they have, so they usually cook soups that acquire spicy flavor. While the broth is still preparing for the usual meat, otherwise the soup will be almost tasteless.

Popular Chinese fast food – chicken feet, which are sold everywhere and in any form: dried, boiled, fried, smoked. Sprinkle them with spices or eaten without condiments, they are served in restaurants and sold at street stalls. Chinese people love this delicacy, and we have chicken feet is not even considered food for dogs.

Even drinks in China is very unusual. Wine infused mice, is considered here as the best remedy for colds and liver disease. However, this drink drink in the other countries of South-East Asia. Wine insist only on newborn mice that had no hair. Bottles with this wine is aged for about a year in a dark place, and then you can drink.