The most delicious food from insects
Skewers of larvae of the beetle Woodman (barbel) -Beetles, we are increasingly called beetle Longhorn, is a large and shiny beetles, which can be found almost anywhere. And particularly in…

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Recipes for diet for every day: entrees, desserts
Recipes diet food there is a huge amount. Therefore your choice to stop only on those their kinds, which is closest to you, or when strict menu of such power…

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Most expensive food world

The Argentine national channel Te Le Fe there is an interesting television program “60 minutes” in the last edition devoted a segment to the most expensive dishes in the world, bringing them the prevailing components and their prices. Here are some interesting examples.

Truffle . type of fungus that always grows next to walnuts and chestnuts, and is for the dieticians of the most special meals of the planet. But component of his sky-high rates looms in huge difficulties to find and become the proud owner of this delicacy. For searching, the collectors use specially trained dogs and even pigs. Half a kilogram of white truffles can cost thousands of dollars (usually over 2000), but there are records of auctions, where in lean years, some gourmets have managed to pay over 300,000 dollars per kilogram!

In the same category of the most expensive food is and bluefin tuna . fish, which is not so often met with in the network and is just wildly popular in the Japanese market and is a delicacy for the rich. It has tender, tasty meat and a huge list of vitamins and other healing ingredients. At the last wholesale auction last Friday (30.12.2011,approx. ed.) the party of golubovato was sold at a record $ 736.000 for a record price of $ 2.500 per kilogram.

Meat cows of Kobe (Wagyu). It’s cows who are given special food only beer and doing a daily hand massage to a tender meat. Famous for the taste and price of marmalade ( marmolado) and produce streaks of fat for tender meat. But the main dish of this meat, it’s the Wagyu steak, which costs approximately U$S 2.800 and the size is not greater than his counterpart from fast food. The popular restaurant, House of Wagyu in the Philippines it is possible to buy this dish a little cheaper, and more precisely for U$S 2095.

The Pizza Royale 007 . which makes the chef Domingo of Crolla and which contains the most expensive ingredients in the world. Its cost is U$S 4.200 and is sold in the pizzeria Glasgow “Domenico Crolla”. Soul Of Caviar

Soul of caviar — caviar Iranian origin and it has different versions. The price of the regular version is $ 55 and the most expensive — $ 2500 per kilo.