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Recipes chicken salads

Salads with chicken in recent years become increasingly popular. For men is a great source of protein for women is a reliable tool for weight maintenance for children — tasty and healthy dish. Unlike other meats, chicken has several advantages: readily available, budget, and most importantly — quick to prepare.

Recipes chicken salads can include a variety of ingredients: fresh and steamed vegetables, salads, fruits and cheeses. For example, chicken salad with pineapple has long appeared on the festive tables of many people, but the unusual variations similar salad with peaches or avocados are considered to be delicious and unusual.

To give zest to the chicken salad with mushrooms will help French mustard, lemon, arugula, Basil and other herbs. In addition, in the preparation of salads is not only chicken, but also the inside.

So chicken salad with mushrooms can be prepared not only with the usual breast, but also with heart or stomach. Incredible taste and rich aroma will have salad, prepared with chicken liver. For any holiday or every day you will always find the right course among the recipes chicken salads.

Chicken salad Orange slice

You will need:

three hundred grams of chicken

two hundred grams of mushrooms

two-three boiled eggs

two medium pickled cucumber

one boiled carrot

one hundred grams of hard cheese

one onion bulb

a little oil for frying mushrooms

mayonnaise (can easily replace sour cream with low fat)

salt, spices to taste

To prepare this chicken salad with mushrooms begins with the preparation of the meat. Rinse the fillet thoroughly under running water. Then put it in the pot with cold water, put on stove and bring to a boil. Carefully take off the noise, put salt and spices and boil the meat until tender (about twenty to thirty minutes).

While the meat is cooking, fry on low heat, until the mushrooms and onions for chicken salad with mushrooms. In a separate saucepan boil carrots with eggs and cleanse the skin. Pre-RUB cheese on a coarse grater, and cucumbers cut into cubes.

Now you can start putting some chicken salad with mushrooms . Grind the boiled meat into small cubes and place them on the bottom of the salad bowl or plates in the form of orange slices. Fields on top of the mayonnaise or sour cream.

Now spit it out layer by layer, first the cucumbers, then mushrooms and onions, then the chopped eggs. Each layer is carefully promazyvat mayonnaise or sour cream, chicken salad with mushrooms will be delicious and juicy.

The last layer put cheese, but do not throw it. The outer edge of the future “orange” slices sprinkle grated on a coarse grater boiled carrots. On top of the cheese in several places and grab a hold of mayonnaise (sour cream) a long “drop” and fill them with grated carrots. Send salad for a couple of hours (preferably overnight) in the fridge to steep.

Instead of the bored chicken salad with pineapple try this version with avocado.

Chicken salad with avocado and cheese

You will need:

fifty grams of baked chicken breast

one avocado

two teaspoons of lemon juice

one small sour-sweet Apple

fifty grams of hard cheese

three tablespoons low-fat sour cream

a few leaves of lettuce

salt, spices to taste

skewers for decoration

Take a chicken breast, wash under running water and Obasi. Cut meat in small pieces, sprinkle with salt, pepper and your favorite spices. Put in a deep bowl, cover with a lid and leave to promarinovatsya for an hour at room temperature.

Now put the meat in foil or sleeve, place in a preheated three hundred and fifty degree oven for thirty, forty minutes. Leave the chicken to cool in the oven.

Recipes chicken salads include thorough preparation of all the ingredients, so while the chicken cools, slice up cubes of cheese, and an Apple. So it is not darkened, sprinkle it with lemon juice. Then thoroughly rinse under running water the avocado, divide it into two halves lengthwise and remove the bone.

As usual, chicken salad with pineapples can be served in the saved halves of the fruit, and salad with avocado. To do this, carefully spoon remove almost all the pulp, cut it into cubes and sprinkle with lemon juice.

Mix all ingredients, salt, pepper, tuck in sour cream and put in avocado halves. From top to decorate salad leaves, laid out in the form of a sail around the skewers.

On the basis of the above dishes you can come up with dozens of different variations of salads, because changing just one ingredient, you get a whole new taste. This is especially true for people who are accustomed to nutrition and wanting to add some fun to your diet. Try, experiment, invent, and generate ideas you will help our resource!