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Meat dishes: easy, fast, affordable, tasty

Meat dishes have many advantages: they are quickly prepared, have excellent taste and delicate texture, are inexpensive. And that meat loaf turned out delicious and saved the meat juices, it is very important to properly prepare the semi-finished product. Each chef has their secrets, how to improve meat dishes.

The advantages of dishes from minced meat are obvious. Beef – the product is available, it is easy to do when there grinder or buy in the shop, if there is no grinder. Particularly pleased that the finished minced meat is usually cheaper than meat because usually it is made from scraps. Home with the meat too it is possible to put the rejected pieces of meat that are not suitable for frying, baking or sautéing.

Meat dishes are usually prepared very quickly. Soup with meatballs cooks in just fifteen minutes, while for cooking other soups on meat broth will take several hours. Meat loaf don’t need to simmer for hours until tender – due to the loose structure they are always tender. Burgers, meatballs, casseroles and meat rolls easily pereselyaetsya and easily digested, so meat dishes are often recommended for children, weak and elderly people.

Finally, a dish of minced meat – it’s delicious. They are infinitely varied, osobennosti use the stuffing of different kinds of meat and poultry or fish. Minced meat is combined with almost any food that allows you to invent the food is literally “out of nothing”.

The secrets of delicious meat

To buy beef in the store – not the best idea. Often minced industrial manufacturing are made from waste, tendons and fat, that is the mass fraction of meat in it small. To reduce the cost of production finished beef producers can add soy, colorants, additives that keep the moisture.

If the house is a meat grinder, it is best to cook the stuffing independently. Blender in this case is not suitable – it is too hard and uneven grinds meat fibers, turning them into a puree with separate solids. The grinder evenly grinds the meat by grinding it. The meat retains not only the taste and flavor of the meat, but gives it a nice consistency.

It is believed that best stuffing from a mix of different types of meat. For example, the filling for the most delicious dumplings consists of beef, pork and lamb. Good burgers come from ground beef with a small addition of pork. Pork and pig ground beef is an excellent idea to dishes with vegetables, for example, for stuffed cabbage or stuffed peppers.

Something to add to the stuffing depends on the recipe. For some foods, for example, for classic burgers, minced meat is used without additives. If meat is cooked the sauce, to the meat add the vegetables, sometimes wine, milk, flour. One of the most common additives is crushed onions – raw or roasted: it gives the product juiciness and specific taste.

During the heat treatment of products made from minced meat to lose juice and become tough and tasteless. To avoid this, necessary additives capable of this juice to hold. Typically, this is used for white bread. He was freed from crusts, dried, soaked in water or milk, squeeze and add to meat. Instead of bread you can use semolina (in this case minced meat it is necessary to give half an hour to stand before cooking to swelled semolina), bread crumbs, grated potatoes. All of these supplements when frying instantly soaked with meat juice and absolutely not felt the taste.

If meat loaf are cooked for a long period of time (e.g., stewed in sauce), add half boiled rice or other grains. The result is familiar to all or meatballs “hedgehogs”, as well as an excellent filling for stuffing vegetables. In the process of cooking the rice is soaked with juice and is especially delicious.

Consensus, whether to add in the stuffing balls, no. Thus, the famous chef William Pokhlebkin claimed that these supplements only make the taste of the food are rude and primitive. At the same time many people put in and the weight of whole egg, yolk or albumen. Such additives give the mixture the necessary consistence, and the cakes do not fall apart in the frying process. Not do without eggs when cooking large pieces of meat that are meant to keep the form, for example, meatloaf. And small meatballs or the meatballs will not fall apart and so, adding the eggs will spoil the taste.

The variety of dishes

In the Arsenal of Housewives are usually only a few dishes from kotlety mass. Meanwhile, the list of dishes from minced meat are very wide, and they can be prepared in many different ways: boil, fry, simmer, bake.

The first thing that comes to mind is meatballs. Breaded Breading: the secrets of delicious fried meals or without, grilled or baked in the oven, flavorful juicy burgers, almost everyone likes them. In hot oil fry brissoles (cakes made of minced meat in the egg), meat fritters with different vegetables.

Braising in sauce and other products from meat, such as meatballs, “hedgehogs”, zrazy, small rolls. Sometimes they pre-fry quickly, and sometimes immediately drop into boiling sauce – tomato, mushroom, milk, onion, or any other.

Big rolls of minced meat with various toppings and meat casseroles (including lasagna and famous) baked in the oven. Before baking grease with their usual sauce or sour cream Smetana: the untold wealth of Russian cuisine . sprinkle with cheese to form a delicious crust. Good and barbecued meat loaf: for example, kebabs, sausages and burgers.

The stuffing is very good as a filler for vegetables: this is a simple way of a small amount of meat to make a meal for the whole family. Can be stuffed with almost any vegetables, and large pasta.

Pastry with minced meat in almost all the national dishes: ravioli, ravioli, Ravioli: treasure of Italian cuisine . Manty, khinkali and wizards are boiled in water or steamed, meat pies pasties and fry in plenty of hot oil. Sometimes ground beef for cooking such dishes mixed with vegetables for juiciness.