The fastest and most delicious salads for any occasion
It's no secret for every modern housewife that sometimes you really want to pamper themselves and their households a fast and original meal. and then you are guaranteed to remember…

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Salted salmon: a recipe of delicious fish, salads, snacks
Salmon called the Atlantic salmon or lake and belong to the valuable species of fish. On our tables, it often appears only on holidays, because is not cheap. And immediately…

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The most expensive dishes in the world

What you can never to try

We all know that without food no one can live. And every day we all eat. One there are dishes that not everyone will be able to try. Not because they are dangerous, but simply because they are rare and the cost just comes sometimes to dizzying proportions. Because of their prices most of the people these dishes will never taste ever again.

The most expensive nut in the world is the macadamia. Today, there are only two types of this nut. The rarity of the product indicated that the macadamia tree though, and bears fruit up to 100 years, but it needs special care. The year is just 40 tons of this nut, so the price per 1 kilo up to 30 dollars.

Saffron is the most expensive spice. In fact, it represents the stamens of plants of the family krokusowa. This spice surayut manually and then dried. To produce a kilogram of saffron requires about half a million stamens. For this reason, the price per kilogram of saffron is almost 6 thousand dollars.

The exact price of this delicacy does not exist, because each mushroom is sold at auction. The maximum value of the fungus was more than 30 thousand euros. Continue reading

Snacks for the cocktail reception

The 1st kind of snack is of course the canapés for the reception . They just connected like twins.

Very convenient and very tasty – different types of pies . It’s only one side will bring the Slavic originality of your celebration, and will add diversity. Pies can be done with a variety of fillings. As for my taste, the ideal is the pies of puff pastry in small sizes.

Mini-burgers . Great idea for the reception. This will be the fastest reception at home. Have biscuits in any supermarket, but the filling – choose any. Can:

fry mini patties

put in the middle of a ham and cheese

remove matusek bottom halves of the buns and stuff them

spread of exotic oil (peanut, herring, etc.)

Another idea for the hats from the rolls to put any filling (even with a chopped salad). Continue reading

The most delicious and creative sauces for different dishes.

Many Housewives know that the main secret restaurant meals is correctly cooked sauce that will not only make familiar dishes are more saturated and pleasing in design, but the aroma will give him absolutely stunning. So, if our readers will gain skills in the preparation of sauces for various dishes, every culinary experiment is destined for success. So, let’s not waste time and begin the compilation of our recipes.

“Tomato sauce – perfect for pasta, pizza and tomato soup”.

For the preparation of such a versatile sauce we’ll need:


– tomatoes – 1 kg;

– head of garlic (medium) – 1 piece;

– olive oil – 100 g;

– Basil – 50 g;

– salt, pepper to taste;

Please note that before you start to prepare this sauce you will need to find a ripe and very fresh tomatoes, without it, your sauce will not be as flavorful and delicious. Continue reading

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